Intro to Music Production

Instructor: Gavin Delainey (Night Vision Music Academy, Edmonton)

New to music production? Then this crash course is for you. Covering core concepts and the fundamental ideas, this workshop is designed to ignite your passion for producing and show you the steps to develop your skills.

Keeping the Analog Feel in the Digital Age (Synthesis)

Instructor: Brandon Smith (Beat Drop, Calgary)

Keeping the Analog Feel in the Digital Age   This talk is going to be all about the long running debate about hardware versus software synthesizers.  Will people still be using vintage instruments like Minimoogs in another 40 years?  The presentation will include some history of synthesizers as well as demos of a classic instrument and a software recreation done in Ableton Live.

Music Fundamentals: The theory of everything

Instructor: Enoque Carrancho (Beat Drop, Calgary)

Music theory can be daunting and complex if you have no idea how to play an instrument. But knowing how to utilize the power of a note and where to place it, can be the difference between an okay track and a track that triggers the chemistry in your body. Welcome to the power of the 12 semi-tones.


Instructor: Tim Allan (Beat Drop, Calgary)
Demystify some of the black box-ness of mastering. What you can expect when you get 3rd party mastering verses doing it yourself. Learn the basics of what you can do at home to make your mastering sound great with what you have. 


Instructor: Owen Brierly (EDAC, Edmonton)

An exploration of projection mapping and realtime video in performance.

Ableton Push Workflow  

Instructor: Mitch Lee (Beat Drop, Calgary)

Learn beginner and intermediate level production workflow with Ableton Certified Trainer Mitch Lee on the Push 2.


Getting the Message Out: reaching fans through traditional and new media

Instructor: Paul Brooks (Beat Drop, Bass Coast Festival, Calgary)

Explore new and old ways of getting your music and information out there using various forms of new and old media. 


Instructor: Adam Johan (Night Vision Academy, Edmonton)

As one of the most infamous parts of the music making process, mixing can confuse and baffle. Wipe the slate clean and join the Night Vision Music Academy’s Head Instructor, Adam Johan, to learn about the philosophy behind achieving the mix of your dreams and the technical skills required to get the job done. Gain-staging, EQ, and Compression are all on the docket and there will be a ton of tips, tricks, and techniques shared throughout the session along with Adam’s step-by-step guide to mixing.


Instructor: August Auseil (Edmonton)

A study into how rhythm has been treated in Classical Music vs how it's treated in the age of Electronic Music. Starting with the basics of Metre and Pulse and culminating with a glimpse at modern advanced rhythmic techniques such as polyrhythm and polymetre.

Vocal Recording & Production for Electronic Music

Instructor: Jeff Olsen (Phonetics Sound, Edmonton)

How do you take your tunes to the next level? Adding vocals can really make a decent instrumental into polished, radio-ready hit. The abundance of studio mics has made vocal recording easier, but producing a polished track that sits consistently in the mix is another challenge. Attend and learn:

  •  How to use mic placement to match your song
  • How to get a better performance out of your singer
  • 3 common frequency issues for male & female vocalists
  • How to effectively settle the voice into a mix with electronic sounds