Silverfish is musician/producer/DJ Tyler Brown. After leaving Las Vegas, he arrived in Calgary, Alberta in 2012. For over 15 years, he has been tirelessly collecting and studying house music artifacts and techno relics, seeking the perfect sounds. With these tools, Silverfish crafts a blend of dub and acid influenced house and techno that is dark, moody, and atmospheric. As a DJ, Silverfish seeks out a sound that has an emotional resonance, drifting in the space between the dance floor and your headphones. As a live artist, his original music brings together a raw, all-hardware experience that emphasises slow grooves, acid melodies, techno rhythms, and dubbed out delays. Silverfish stays active within Calgary’s growing electronic producer scene, often joining other artists at a local monthly listening party: Habitat’s Studio Social event. He was the winner of Studio Social’s first-ever remix competition in 2013, with his remix of Dan Dakota’s track “Blue.”In 2016, Silverfish was both artist and speaker at the first-ever Alberta Electronic Music Conference. Silverfish brought his live performance to Edmonton’s Church of John venue, as part of a lineup of all-live hardware based electronic artists. He later sat in on a panel discussion on live electronic performance, sharing methods and tips for both stage and studio. 2017 saw Silverfish invited to play an all-hardware live set on CJSW 90.9’s late-night show Radio Interference, as well as various other live performances around the city of Calgary.