Sergio SP


Sandro Petrillo is a multimedia artist currently based in Toronto. Over the past decade he has contributed inspired works to the Canadian creative community through audio/visual production, audio/visual engineering, live performance, graphic design, and teaching electronic music production. He is currently the owner / director of a multi media artist space and gallery titled Pushmi Pullyu, providing a space for artists of many forms to explore their craft and share their works with a growing audience. Sandro’s career began in 2007 by co-founding the forward-thinking brand the “therinseout” — a collective of audio and visual enthusiasts focused on growing music culture in Calgary. Several successful projects followed including an online magazine with a podcast series and a range of curated events. This led to the 2009 formation of “Modern Math,” a weekly audio/visual installation at various intimate venues. The series played host to a variety of international artists and performers, while at the same time showcasing local talent from the audio and visual arts communities. In 2012, Sandro began to focus his efforts on education and took on a role at Beat Drop, Calgary’s premier music production school. Sandro developed curriculum for and taught a number of courses focused on Ableton Live, a fairly widely used production suite. He also developed and hosted workshops for various community groups including the Stepping Out program and AAFS (Autism & Aspergers Friendship Society). Since relocating to Toronto, he has continued to administer private lessons and host small curated learning sessions.