Sanctuary DJ Calgary

Sanctuary is a west-coast transplant from Manchester, England, growing up satiated on the sounds of metal, hardcore and hip-hop. His love for organic distortion has inevitably thrust him down the rabbit-hole of modular synthesis, and formulated into a love for intricate percussion. Routinely submerging symphonic analog textures in tape delays, fashioning rigorously droning soundscapes that are aesthetically glib & cinematic, like a grainy black and white horror film.Out of Calgary, Alberta representing The Noctilux Collective; a cohesive assortment of artists and taste-makers evangelical about emerging bass ethos, while consistently paying homage to the origins of its predecessors. His first solo EP ‘laissez-faire’ that dropped last year (available on bandcamp), compliments an expanding litany of solo-releases and collaborative efforts. With recent releases from the ‘Abysmal Entities Archive’ imprint &  ‘Smokey Crow Records’ – Jamie will assuredly carve out a path for himself in the underground as he tirelessly continues to explore his craft.