Olds, Alberta is a quaint farming town juxtaposed by a major roadway that cuts through it, presenting the possibility of being able to, at any given moment, simply follow it until everything starts to change. It was her adventurous spirit that led her from the heartland of the country to the center of Western-Canada’s spiritually infused bass scene. Moonchild set out to explore the urban cultures of British Columbia and Alberta. She moved from city to city, staying long enough to discover something new, but never long enough to hinder her free spirit.
It was during one of these excursions that a friend brought Moonchild to a 403DNB powered Quincy’s party, the rolling basslines and 85bpm tempo shifted the course of her life. Thanks to her unwavering dedication to deep frequencies, bass music has sent her down a path that’s earned her spots at notable venues around the world. The same energy that plucked Moonchild from the humble roads of Central Alberta are still reaching for new borders; it appears the energy of bass music is drawing Moonchild back to its point of origin. With plans for International space travel its only a matter of manifestation.
She chose to follow this road, and everything is still changing. Armed with her fiercely independent attitude and charismatic personality, you will hear a diverse range of carefully selected music mixed with that gangster flair-body, mind and soul.