Mirical Em

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Mirical Em is the President of Calgary PartySafe. Calgary RaveSafe operated from 1999-2004 and rebranded as Calgary PartySafe in 2012 in response to the PMMA crisis and the return of public interest in electronic music that was bringing large scale events back in to Calgary. Calgary PartySafe provides harm reduction information, supplies and support through outreach booths set up at electronic dance music concerts, raves, festivals, nightclubs, and other related venues. Calgary PartySafe is a chapter of the International Nightlife Harm Reduction organization, DanceSafe, and community partner of the Alberta Health Services Harm Reduction program, Safeworks. Mirical joined Calgary RaveSafe in 2000, when she was 18, and served as the volunteer coordinator until Calgary RaveSafe disseminated with lack of public interest in electronic music after the city had been rocked by the PMMA crisis and dubstep had brought electronic music back into the spotlight. she broughtis passionate about catalyzing positive change within sensitive issues. Mirical MacDonald is a volunteer, educator and artist. She is committed to creating and supporting inclusive communities that allow all Calgarians to thrive