Matt Simmers / Woofax

Matt Simmers Woofax

For 10 years, Matt Simmers better known now as "Woofax" was the major musical creative force and sole engineer behind the electronic music groups Terravita and Hot Pink Delorean. He has written, engineered and consulted dozens of hit electronic tracks in various genres. Under his pseudonym Tremourz, he continued to release charting hit singles including the North American dubstep anthem, “Sexy Party” with J Rabbit. His original music and involved projects have been licensed to entertainment on networks such as FOX, MTV, CBS, Netflix and more. As well as being an electronic writer,producer and performer, Matt is also a mixing and mastering engineer. He works closely with Dastik’s label, Firepower records and the GRAMMY award winning artists The Crystal Method. He's also the mastering engineer for the Funk Hunter's label WESTWOOD RECORDINGS. He helped engineer many songs from the beginning of Dillion Francis’ career and consulted and assisted mastering on Excsion’s “Codename X” album.  He's also a decade veteran BETA tester for the plug in company Izotope and has provided presets for Ozone, Alloy and Stutter Edit.  If that wasn't enough, Matt is the Lead Sound Designer and Senior acoustic lab technician at PK Sound, working on several R & D projects.