Wadjit / Kelsey MacIntosh

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Kelsey is a newly appointed Hearing Aid Practitioner with Miracle Ear Canada. As "Wadjit", Kelsey has been performing in clubs and at festivals for going on 7 years. Having being blessed enough to play around Europe and Canada, Kelsey has seen too few people taking care with their ears and wishes to lighten her work load in 10 years by providing public education regarding hearing health and protection. She rather you hear her music better and for longer than selling you hearing aids.


Wadjit Bio
By the name Wadjit you'd never guess she would be the next lady Dj entering the world of dnb. Set on promoting her music through a sound technical style and music selection rather than trading on her femininity; Wadjit strives to set a high standard through a respected and choice skill set.Quickly establishing herself as a leading force within the Canadian drum and bass scene; Wadjit’s name has become synonymous with quality, whether it’s her technical mixing ability, her crisp taste in tunes or her relentless pursuit of elevating the status of the drum and bass culture in her hometown of Edmonton. A resident of the globally recognized drum and bass radio station Bassdrive.com, Wadjit’s presence and imprint on the Canadian music scene is unmistakable. As a long-time resident of Y Afterhours and Jungle Fever DNB, Wadjit has had a hand in the progressing of drum n bass in the city’s underground drum and bass scene. With hosting Rinse N Wash Radio on Bassdrive.com, Wadjit has seen the impact of her work worldwide and has been crossing international waters for events such as Sun and Bass (Italy), and clubs in Czech, Germany and Switzerland. Always lacing sets with her signature sensuous sound, Wadjit can always be relied on to bring the dancefloor to a deep culmination of mutually beneficial bassline love.