JHNN (pronounced J-H-double-N), or John K Arum, is a producer/DJ from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Having been active in production and DJing since 2009 in his bedroom while bringing his DJing skills to clubs three years later, he’s developed a sound that can be described as “mellow dark disco”

This all came to be after finishing high school, coinciding with the rise of dance music on pop radio stations and the increasing popularity of DJing. With that, JHNN decided to enter remix contests and record demos. He uploaded his first public remix 'Burns - Nu-disko (JHNN rewerk)' to Soundcloud, demonstrating not only his interest in disco, but more notably his interest in the bass element of disco while keeping the vibe of the genre intact. After competing in several remix contests, JHNN became comfortable enough to self-release his first EP Radio, where he combines the low-end focus of dubstep with disco and house. This eventually led to him recording his first LP HYPOCRT 0: .Th3m, featuring a wide range of influences such as Last Gang Records artists Metric, Death from Above 1979 and MSTRKRFT as well as an afrobeat influence coming from UK funky. The album was self-released in early 2014 through Bandcamp, and helped JHNN shape his dark disco sound.

As deep house started rising from the underground in 2012, JHNN noted the similarities between his music and the sound that had a house-oriented approach to bass music, marking a new deep house inspired sound and direction for his career.

JHNN has gone on to open for acts like Kid Koala, KANT, Simon Doty and Danny Howells. He continues to self-release his material and release through mainly Calgary-based labels such as Substation Recordings for free. His Recent Release demontrates his newly acquired songwriting skills and vocal ability.