Dr. Dance

Dr Dance Calgary

The story of Charlene Blackburn before she became Dr Dance, is as inspiring as her music is innovative. Once upon a time at burning man there was a young woman named Charlene, nicknamed Char Star. She was an inspiring DJ that was doing more listening than creating. With a purpose and plan to learn through experience, Char wrote a list of all the artists who she wanted to see that week. With that focus, she went out on the playa everyday with friends to accomplish a goal with the list in hand. This list was the enticing force behind what would soon become the sensation now known as Dr Dance. Her determination was noticed by others seeking to experience great music as well. People loved her prodigious taste and she gained a following. Word of mouth spread so fast, people were interested in her prescription. When they needed a music fix of any genre, they went to Char. Thus Dr. Dance was coined and Char was no more. Dr Dance resides in her home city of Calgary and has continued to express this mantra. She constantly continues to gain loyal fans who come to hear what she's learned. When The Hifi Club hosts top notch acts, they ask Dr Dance to stretch them out beforehand. She has a monthly residency if you're ever looking for a cure. She is intuitive, assiduous, she is a talent to experience. She is Dr Dance. Make an appointment.