Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as a 2nd generstion disc jockey. There was the constant sound of music filling the Swayze house and it wasn’t long before he would follow in his fathers footsteps. Prior to joining the mighty 403DnB, Swayze brought his love for Liquid Drum & Bass as far as Tokyo, Japan to perform for a monthly night run by Deep Dub legend Goth-Trad. This is only just the begining for the 23 year old Dj/Producer. Who knows what the future has in store for Swayze, but if you want to keep up with him personally check out his website www.DJswayze.com for original content, mixes and more.

Strange Manner

Strange Manner Calgary.jpg

www.strangemanner.com, www.soundcloud.com/strangemanner, www.403dnb.com

Strange Manner is on a constant journey to spread the message of the music that he loves. His blend of ragga, jungle and dnb is a testament to this musical pilgrimage as he showcases the past, present and future of these genres.As a teen, Strange Manner was exposed to many different styles ranging from DJ Shadow, Smashing Pumpkins and Cut Chemist, but it wasn’t until he heardthe sound of the legendary Shy FX that opened him up to jungle and drum & bass and eventually started his DJ career. He is currently a resident of Rinse, 403DNB’sresidency event in Calgary, and the host of a weekly radio show on www.HushFM.com. Strange Manner continues to expand his reach in Calgary and beyond as an artist, a DJ, and most of all – a lifetime music enthusiast

Shelby Young

Shelby Young, Indigo Harm Reduction


Shelby Young is a Licensed PracticalNurse and founder of Indigo Harm Reduction Services based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Shelby identified a health need in her community and wanted to bring awareness with health education to certain behaviours in the nightlife and festival communities. Therefore Indigo Harm Reduction was created to bring reliable education and information to community members. Indigo has received an overwhelming response from the public as well as the provincial government which has defined a need for Indigo. Currently Shelby works as a Mental Health Nurse at the Grey Nuns Hospital and plans on advancing the role of Indigo Harm Reduction as a staple in the community.




Soulier is an international DJ, electronic music producer, and multiple award nominee from Calgary, Alberta.  In 2012, Calgary-based electronic music producer Ryan Hall created Soulier, both to produce melodic and dark tech house and techno music, and to perform multi-dimensional improvised live electronic music.   In 1994, he began a musical journey as a bass player performing with classical and jazz bands in his hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - during which time he won a scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  As a result of his exposure to classical and jazz, his musical style was solidified in improvisational techniques and theory – which has become a hallmark of his live electronic performance as a DJ. In July 2014, he completed his first tour in China under the Soulier moniker - with performances in Beijing, Tianjin, and Changsha.  He has also twice performed in front of thousands on the electronic stage at the popular china-wide Strawberry Music Festival.  Soulier continues to expand his touring in China through 2015 and 2016, having expanded his tour in China including performances in Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiamen, Guilin, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Guangzhou.   2016 was a busy year for Soulier, with a tour in Mainland China, and two releases including the Mandarin EP, and his third full album release titled Outer Circuitry.  His previous two albums were both nominated for best electronic recording of the year for 2015 and 2016 by the Western Canadian Music Awards.  His work garnered another nomination by the Calgary Music awards for Best Electronic Artist of the Year in 2016.   His unique style of melodic techno and tech house music continues to inspire fans wherever he goes. He has lived in Brisbane and Halifax, and now calls Calgary, Alberta his home


Sanctuary DJ Calgary

Sanctuary is a west-coast transplant from Manchester, England, growing up satiated on the sounds of metal, hardcore and hip-hop. His love for organic distortion has inevitably thrust him down the rabbit-hole of modular synthesis, and formulated into a love for intricate percussion. Routinely submerging symphonic analog textures in tape delays, fashioning rigorously droning soundscapes that are aesthetically glib & cinematic, like a grainy black and white horror film.Out of Calgary, Alberta representing The Noctilux Collective; a cohesive assortment of artists and taste-makers evangelical about emerging bass ethos, while consistently paying homage to the origins of its predecessors. His first solo EP ‘laissez-faire’ that dropped last year (available on bandcamp), compliments an expanding litany of solo-releases and collaborative efforts. With recent releases from the ‘Abysmal Entities Archive’ imprint &  ‘Smokey Crow Records’ – Jamie will assuredly carve out a path for himself in the underground as he tirelessly continues to explore his craft.



Silverfish is musician/producer/DJ Tyler Brown. After leaving Las Vegas, he arrived in Calgary, Alberta in 2012. For over 15 years, he has been tirelessly collecting and studying house music artifacts and techno relics, seeking the perfect sounds. With these tools, Silverfish crafts a blend of dub and acid influenced house and techno that is dark, moody, and atmospheric. As a DJ, Silverfish seeks out a sound that has an emotional resonance, drifting in the space between the dance floor and your headphones. As a live artist, his original music brings together a raw, all-hardware experience that emphasises slow grooves, acid melodies, techno rhythms, and dubbed out delays. Silverfish stays active within Calgary’s growing electronic producer scene, often joining other artists at a local monthly listening party: Habitat’s Studio Social event. He was the winner of Studio Social’s first-ever remix competition in 2013, with his remix of Dan Dakota’s track “Blue.”In 2016, Silverfish was both artist and speaker at the first-ever Alberta Electronic Music Conference. Silverfish brought his live performance to Edmonton’s Church of John venue, as part of a lineup of all-live hardware based electronic artists. He later sat in on a panel discussion on live electronic performance, sharing methods and tips for both stage and studio. 2017 saw Silverfish invited to play an all-hardware live set on CJSW 90.9’s late-night show Radio Interference, as well as various other live performances around the city of Calgary.



A lover of all things sonic, Syntax is a vinyl exclusive DJ and has been a leading member of Calgary based crew Sub Chakra since 2012.With an affinity to roots music, UK steppas and proper dubstep, he took the plunge into the world of deejaying in 2010 and has not looked back since.His most prominent inspiration stems from the dubplate and soundclash culture he witnessed overseas. The vibe and intimacy felt at these dances is something he constantly strives to achieve both as an artist and promoter in Calgary.The last years have seen Jonny honing in on his sound and building his crate of vinyl selections and dubplate cuts. Expect a big project to be announced with Sub Chakra in the coming months.



Tendencies at AEMCON

http://tendencies.ca /

http://kudatah.club /

http://tendencies.bandcamp.com  http://soundcloud.com/tendencies

"Hi-fidelity disco shimmer and YouTube digital grit, 70s and 80s material Product placement excess and early 21st century intangible commodity explosions, side chained sample madness against a clear and distinct producer and songwriter's ear."

Timothy Allan

Tim Allan Music

Releases on over twenty labels such as Toolroom, Baroque, Audio Therapy, Perfecto, Black Hole, Armada, Warner Music, Vicious, Virgin and EMI, Tim has firmly established himself as a global EDM producer and engineer. Not one to keep all his secrets under his cap, Timothy is Beat Drop's Mixing and Mastering instructor and enjoys sharing his expertise. These production methods are put in to practice every day at The Mixplant, a mixing/mastering facility focused on electronic music where Tim is the head engineer.

Veronica Lawrence

Veronica Lawrence

Veronica Lawrence is the founder of the Society for the Advocacy of Safer Spaces (SASS), and a passionate advocate for equity and diversity in our arts community. With a Bachelor of Arts and a post-grad in Journalism, Veronica has written about the arts for a number of publications including the Vancouver Province and BeatRoute Magazine, and she programmed the show White Lodge Black Lodge for CJSW. In less than two years, SASS has worked with nearly a dozen organizations across the city to create safer, more inclusive spaces and has helped push the public conversation about consent to the forefront of Calgary’s music community. In addition to her work with SASS, Veronica also works in Resource Development at the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.


Yung Nino

Resident at the Hifi Club in Calgary, AB, YUNG NINO blends his influences from RnB, funk, disco, boogie and soul, to what’s up and coming in rap, house and everything dope. He’s played alongside acts such as Boi-1da, Just Blaze, Kid Koala, Humans, RUTS, Grandtheft, Ramriddlz, Star-ro, Jazzy Jeff, Skratch Bastid and Hedspin. YUNG NINO is able to play any party, with the ability to curate for any occasion. Playing across North America at locations such as Apt200, Fortune Sound Club, TenderTrap (NYC), Stanton Social Club, or his personal party ventures such as Discothèque Nuit and TBA, you are guaranteed to hear the newest and the best of, as well as sleeper underground tracks from all genres of today and tomorrow's music. If you come to a YUNG NINO show, you are sure you have a party you wont forget.

Weep, O' Mine Eyes

Weep, O' Mine Eyes


Formed in 1984, by Michael Weicker, Weep, O' Mine Eyes has been an evolutionary journey to present day. Weep, O' Mine Eyes is inspired by the German Expressionist Movement of the early 20th Century, by such artists as Oscar Kokoschka and by early industrial Musicians such as Throbbing Gristle, Chris and Cosey, Kraftwerk, Thomas Leer and Robert Rental...Weep, O' Mine Eye's early musical experiments utilized analogue synthesizers, drum machines, eastern hand drums, and found objects such as metal canisters and power tools.In recent years, digital and analogue modeling synthesizers have been added to the Weep, O' Mine Eyes studio. This augmentation, coupled with digital sequencing and mixing equipment has allowed for an elaborate mix of past and present electronic music technology...

Wolf Camo

Wolf Camo Calgary

Deep within the depths of Canada’s underground 140 scene lurks a dark force.  Hailing from Calgary Alberta, Josh Des lives up to his moniker; Wolf Camo, a predator amid unsuspecting prey. Following his 2014 production debut Josh has grown exponentially as an artist, intentionally sculpting a poignantly unique sonic expression. Wolf Camo’s music aptly reflects the twisted darkness of his inspirations, a sense of dreadful mysticism can be drawn from use of distorted crackling transposed against melodic interjections. In addition to one-of-a-kind production, Josh boasts extraordinary selections and overall prowess as a DJ.

Wadjit / Kelsey MacIntosh

Wadjit .jpg

Kelsey is a newly appointed Hearing Aid Practitioner with Miracle Ear Canada. As "Wadjit", Kelsey has been performing in clubs and at festivals for going on 7 years. Having being blessed enough to play around Europe and Canada, Kelsey has seen too few people taking care with their ears and wishes to lighten her work load in 10 years by providing public education regarding hearing health and protection. She rather you hear her music better and for longer than selling you hearing aids.


Wadjit Bio
By the name Wadjit you'd never guess she would be the next lady Dj entering the world of dnb. Set on promoting her music through a sound technical style and music selection rather than trading on her femininity; Wadjit strives to set a high standard through a respected and choice skill set.Quickly establishing herself as a leading force within the Canadian drum and bass scene; Wadjit’s name has become synonymous with quality, whether it’s her technical mixing ability, her crisp taste in tunes or her relentless pursuit of elevating the status of the drum and bass culture in her hometown of Edmonton. A resident of the globally recognized drum and bass radio station Bassdrive.com, Wadjit’s presence and imprint on the Canadian music scene is unmistakable. As a long-time resident of Y Afterhours and Jungle Fever DNB, Wadjit has had a hand in the progressing of drum n bass in the city’s underground drum and bass scene. With hosting Rinse N Wash Radio on Bassdrive.com, Wadjit has seen the impact of her work worldwide and has been crossing international waters for events such as Sun and Bass (Italy), and clubs in Czech, Germany and Switzerland. Always lacing sets with her signature sensuous sound, Wadjit can always be relied on to bring the dancefloor to a deep culmination of mutually beneficial bassline love.



Soundscapes drenched in heavy bass lines, formulated through a technical minimalism - the sounds that 1za selects, demonstrate the textured makeup of this stripped back music. This drum & bass sound prescribes precision drum breaks, tribal rhythms, lush melodies, intricate textures and space. This is music designated for the sound system. Retaining a specific energy tailored to heightening awareness through the syncopation and deeper frequencies.Steady Blends. Heavy Feels.