Mirical Em

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Mirical Em is the President of Calgary PartySafe. Calgary RaveSafe operated from 1999-2004 and rebranded as Calgary PartySafe in 2012 in response to the PMMA crisis and the return of public interest in electronic music that was bringing large scale events back in to Calgary. Calgary PartySafe provides harm reduction information, supplies and support through outreach booths set up at electronic dance music concerts, raves, festivals, nightclubs, and other related venues. Calgary PartySafe is a chapter of the International Nightlife Harm Reduction organization, DanceSafe, and community partner of the Alberta Health Services Harm Reduction program, Safeworks. Mirical joined Calgary RaveSafe in 2000, when she was 18, and served as the volunteer coordinator until Calgary RaveSafe disseminated with lack of public interest in electronic music after the city had been rocked by the PMMA crisis and dubstep had brought electronic music back into the spotlight. she broughtis passionate about catalyzing positive change within sensitive issues. Mirical MacDonald is a volunteer, educator and artist. She is committed to creating and supporting inclusive communities that allow all Calgarians to thrive

Matt Caine

Matt Caine

Nordic Trax I Alola Records I Sex On Wax I Substation Recordings I Delve Deeper I

NU*Movement Resident @ Habitat Living Sound Calgary

Matt Caine (Matt Hendrickson) has been a devoted music fan for as long as he can remember. His passion for electronic music arose when Trance and Hard Dance dominated the Calgary scene. As time passed, Matt’s taste has been refined to several sub-genres of house. Since 1999, Matt has sought out mentor ship from local Calgarian heroes Cary Chang, Jon Delerious (Nordic Trax) and Etric Lyons (Kush); each providing a unique base of knowledge for production and playing music. Without their guidance, Matt would not be where he is today.

After DJ’ing for 10 years, Matt decided to start producing. Matt’s tracks are grounded in house; which provide deep, soulful and emotive sounds that are supported by the likes of Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff, Shur-I-Kan,Pezzner, Animal Trainer and many more. 2015 was a big year for Matt, with a massive release on UK imprint Alola Records and Western Canada's Nordic Trax.

Matt continues to DJ and with his productions is becoming a recognized name in the house music scene. For three years, Matt played alongside Jon Delerious every Friday at The Bamboo Tiki Room, which ended in 2012 as a new job opportunity at Habitat Living Sound. As the GM of Habitat Living Sound, Matt is surrounded by his passion everyday. Matt hosts Nu*Movement with co-host Isis Graham with guests each month and continues to gather bookings in Calgary and surrounding areas. Matt has opened for house heavy hitters such as: Fred Everything, Jimpster, Omid 16b, Danny Howells, Shur-I-Kan and Pezzner (just to name a few).

With constant bookings and new tracks being released, Matt has a bright future ahead of him. Whether you see him live in a club or listen to his tracks at home, be sure to keep an eye out for Matt Caine.






Olds, Alberta is a quaint farming town juxtaposed by a major roadway that cuts through it, presenting the possibility of being able to, at any given moment, simply follow it until everything starts to change. It was her adventurous spirit that led her from the heartland of the country to the center of Western-Canada’s spiritually infused bass scene. Moonchild set out to explore the urban cultures of British Columbia and Alberta. She moved from city to city, staying long enough to discover something new, but never long enough to hinder her free spirit.
It was during one of these excursions that a friend brought Moonchild to a 403DNB powered Quincy’s party, the rolling basslines and 85bpm tempo shifted the course of her life. Thanks to her unwavering dedication to deep frequencies, bass music has sent her down a path that’s earned her spots at notable venues around the world. The same energy that plucked Moonchild from the humble roads of Central Alberta are still reaching for new borders; it appears the energy of bass music is drawing Moonchild back to its point of origin. With plans for International space travel its only a matter of manifestation.
She chose to follow this road, and everything is still changing. Armed with her fiercely independent attitude and charismatic personality, you will hear a diverse range of carefully selected music mixed with that gangster flair-body, mind and soul. 







Crossing boarders and dropping break beat bombs.
Mollyfi AKA Krista Thibodeau has been a mainstay in the Calgary Electronic scene for over 15 years. Her youth was spent snowboarding and helping pops work on old hotrods while listening to country twang. Exposure to electronic beats came in the mid-nineties amid the wave of alternative rock that was sweeping mainstream charts. Bustin’ a move with her closest friends became a central focus and it wasn’t long before a natural evolution into DJ’ing took place.

Cutting her teeth on Tidy’s finest beats allowed her to learn the skills necessary to rock a steady dancefloor. Crowds gathered, it was clear she could be more than capable of rocking some of Calgary’s most legendary underground events within only a few short months of practice. After experimenting in a range of different styles and sounds it wasn’t until early 2004 that she witnessed a jaw dropping performance by Krafty Kuts and decided to pursue the breakbeat sound.

As founder of the longest running all girl DJ collective in Canada “Girls On Decks” Mollyfi has her priorities focused on breaking new female talent in an industry dominated by men. Hosting over 40 G.O.D events at a handful of clubs, galleries, and warehouses all over the western region has opened the door for a number of emerging female artists by including B-girls, graffiti artists, MCs as well as DJs at her shows. Since 2003 such local favorites as Isis Graham, Eleven, Michelle C, Jessica Pitt, Mahajic Touch, Donna Dada, Soul Supply, Krissdoll, Miss Kelly, DJ Chantz, A-Rock, Blair Van Piesen, Money Jane and Andrenacrone have graced the decks while out of towners from Northern Alberta and the BC interior such as DJ Sprout, Soulus, DJ Riot, ACE, Lisa Delux, Sweetz, $hortee, Fuuze, J Girl, Mz Revolution, Foxy Ozzy, Rhia Wellbelove have all played a part in making GOD a force to be reckoned with.

Dubbed Calgary’s first lady of breaks, Mollyfi has graced the decks in every major center in Alberta and has played to packed houses in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Golden and Whistler, BC. Her first residency in Calgary was with Adam Audio and DJ Split at Manhattans Night Club. An all breaks night, “Flow Fridays” became a regular spot in the C-town clubbing world between 2004 and 2005. After relocating to Whistler in the summer of 05′ she teamed up with local favorite DJ Surgeon for a weekly aptly named “Dirty Beats” at the now legendary nightspot Tommy Africa’s. Now back in her hometown you could currently catch her at Twisted Element Djing monthly for “Les Girls” Calgary’s only all girl girls night or for the lovely Fairytales Film Festival, and of corse yearly with the pride comitte of Calgary. Still hosting Girls On Decks primarily at Habitat Living Sound on a bi-monthly basis Mollyfi has teamed up with her DJ partner in crime Krissdoll together forming Bitches On Pitches taking over the world one break at a time or just keep your eyes and ears open for other weekly listings.

Not limited by focusing squarely on all girl events she has had the pleasure of opening for international break beat icons such as The Freestylers (UK), Miami’s Queen of bass Baby Anne, Malente (Ger), The Phat Conductor (Tor), Freq Nasty and has played alongside heavyweights like Fort Knox 5, B.Traits (L.T.C), Ursula 1000, Lisa Delux, Myagi, Mama Miche and Kenzie Clarke (Bitchin’) and Bassnectar.

Having a total fuck you attitude and the skills to back it on the pitch her pop influenced blend of breaks, organic house, sultry drum and bass, baltimore club and every mish mash in between is not just going to bring your feet to the floor for an ass shaking good time. Mollyfi is guaranteed to take you on a musical journey with drops and pops and bass lines to make you purr, setting you off on a dance floor experience that will leave you breathless and asking for more.

Like wind blows, Trees dance and make souls fly..

Mark Adam

Mark Adam Calgary DJ


Mark Adam is a 23 year-old techno and juke producer. Deep, rolling, and emotional - his music is heavily inspired by Chicago house and ghetto house, uk garage, dark 90's and 00's techno, as well as ambient and drone. Mark Adam produces using both hardware and software, and is heavily inspired by the minimalist workflows of the live pa set-up in production and live shows. Mark is a competent producer having made music under many pseudonyms while beginning his expansion into live performance.


McTwist Calgary

McTwist is synonymous with Breaks and anything funky. Since 1999, he has hosted an internet radio show which ran for a total of 7 years, played among some of the greatest names in the electronic music industry and has released a bunch of tunes. His work in the studio has produced some serious booty shaking beats. His solo work has gained recognition in the music scene by having charted on Beatport multiple times. The release “Petrol”, produced with Dj Fixx and Keith Mackenzie on Illeven:Eleven records, hit #11 on the Beatport top 100 breaks chart. Beatport Breaks top 100 charter "Here it comes", which was released on Breakz R Boss Records in September of 2014, hit #43. Most recently, he has released a remix for SONEK on Diablo Loco records which which also charted on the Beatport breaks chart. McTwist has had the opportunity to rub shoulders and share decks with the likes of The Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, The Freestylers, K+Lab, Keith Mackenzie, Elite Force, Dj Dan, A.Skillz and Featurecast to name a few.



Navin "Melo.Nade" Huq was born and raised in Calgary. He has been a part of Western Canada's bass music community since 2008. He spent the better part of 2016 abroad to gain perspective and world influences into his sound. The name Melo.Nade originates from the fluid flow of the sound. It's dynamic and sauced with many things; from lustful world beats to hip hop and crunchy bass music - the common denominator is the melody. With training in classical piano, Melo's productions aim to fuse the many worlds of music into a cohesive sound. Expect audible musings of many tempos and genres.

Matt Simmers / Woofax

Matt Simmers Woofax

For 10 years, Matt Simmers better known now as "Woofax" was the major musical creative force and sole engineer behind the electronic music groups Terravita and Hot Pink Delorean. He has written, engineered and consulted dozens of hit electronic tracks in various genres. Under his pseudonym Tremourz, he continued to release charting hit singles including the North American dubstep anthem, “Sexy Party” with J Rabbit. His original music and involved projects have been licensed to entertainment on networks such as FOX, MTV, CBS, Netflix and more. As well as being an electronic writer,producer and performer, Matt is also a mixing and mastering engineer. He works closely with Dastik’s label, Firepower records and the GRAMMY award winning artists The Crystal Method. He's also the mastering engineer for the Funk Hunter's label WESTWOOD RECORDINGS. He helped engineer many songs from the beginning of Dillion Francis’ career and consulted and assisted mastering on Excsion’s “Codename X” album.  He's also a decade veteran BETA tester for the plug in company Izotope and has provided presets for Ozone, Alloy and Stutter Edit.  If that wasn't enough, Matt is the Lead Sound Designer and Senior acoustic lab technician at PK Sound, working on several R & D projects.



Blaine Kingcott under his DJ and producer alias Metafloor founded the Sub Chakra over five years ago, making waves and relentlessly hustling proper sound system culture ever since. Never one to limit himself to one facet of the music profession, Kingcott is well known throughout the music community for his tireless work as a DJ, producer, and promoter. Artistically his roots stretch deep into the dungeons of the 140 BPM realm, though recently have seen growth and expansion into new territory, exploring the sounds of half-time, footwork and jungle. His productions have seen support from labels far and wide including Modern Ruin, Black Tuna, and Mat the Alien’s Really Good Recordings. Additionally, his skills as a selector have carried him to the stages of Bass Coast, Shambhala, Astral Harvest and more. With these experiences further boosting his levels of inspiration, wherever Metafloor may be found, his audience can trust to also find newness, the “meta,” channeling sound, not hype.



Branching across numerous genres, OAKK produces dynamic, eclectic, and infectious bass music that is impossible to resist. Based out of Calgary, Canada, and working closely with the illustrious Hifi Club, one of OAKK’s main priorities is building upon the already thriving electronic music community in his city. His bi-weekly residency “New Wave” provides a platform for other like- minded individuals to have their sounds heard on a world renowned stage. Musically speaking, OAKK’s catalogue is surrealistically beautiful, rambunctiously energetic, and intellectually stimulating — it draws influence from some of the most forward-thinking working artists of today as well as the most timeless classics. An intense passion for music and community has brought OAKK to his current stage, and given him the tools needed to propel his creative endeavours. 


Tyler Obscene

Stepping onto the Calgary scene as one half of the duo the Algorhythms, Tyler (Obscene) Duhaime first made his appearance as a member of the renown Rudebwoy Rendezvous collective. Immediately recognized for his charismatic personality, seamless mixes and intelligent track selection, people were consistently being thrown into a frenzy once he stepped behind the decks. Having a penchant for the latest, greatest, and most jaw dropping bass lines being put out, along with a flavor that was recognizable from outside on the street, Tyler quickly became a fan favorite in the 403 DNB scene. For this reason, it is appropriate that the founding father and creative director of the 403DNB collective. Having played in the city for more than a decade, he has seen the genre through its rise and fall, and has been a major part of its revival in popularity in recent years.Not the type to splinter Drum and Bass into sub genres, (but he can, so don't get him started) Tyler loves and plays it all, making him an ideal candidate to rock any dancefloor he is placed in front of. Obscene is a mainstay in the YYC when it comes to rocking a show. As a true bass addict, his wish is to keep the dnb ball rolling and to progress its momentum furthermore. Tyler's pursuits began simply as a DJ, but over the years has grown to include talent purchasing and creative director duties for his 403DNB brand.As of 2017 he has been a main contributing organizer for Canada's only Drum and Bass festival (403DNBBQ / Metropolis) which has just wrapped up its 4th consecutive year. That being said, its no wonder he is one of only a handful of Canadian dj's to have ever been invited to "Innovation in the Sun", one of the worlds elite dnb festivals in Spain. With the outstanding reputation that Calgary drum and bass has procured, Obscene will likely find himself traveling and continuing to spread the good word and vibe of his thriving bass scene.Tyler is truly among an elite group of Canadian drum and bass dj's; having been a staple performer at all Calgary editions of Hospitality, Ram Records and Critical Sound tours and has shared the stage with the likes of Andy C, Noisia, Pendulum, Subfocus, Netsky and Camo & Krooked along with a myriad of other AAA, world renowned artists. There is no end in sight for acts that are yet to come, and his pursuit to see Calgary become the dnb capital of Canada, if not North America. It is that dream that will help to create and sustain, easily the most flourishing bass community, that in turn, will give more than one generation of bass addicts the pleasure of being a part of.




Byron Fredrick (aka Phonotactic) is a musician/producer involved in the Calgary music scene since the 1990s. Playing keyboards and bass in local bands (most notably Double U-I, Difference Engine, Wheel, Tariq and Strugglah) Fredrick's projects have taken him over a wide musical landscape including Reggae, Soca, Rock, Funk, and Electronic.In 2002, Fredrick committed to becoming more involved in production blending the styles he grew up playing with electronic beats and textures. With one foot in old world techniques and the other in the new, his production skills explore the musical terrains of Dub infused Down-tempo and Deep/Tech-House. Capturing the essence of Fredrick's journey as Phonotactic, a four song EP "Use Your Talent (If You Can)" was released independently in 2006 and on Real Recordz (an indie label out of Italy) in 2007.July 2012 saw the follow up release of the EP "In a Solid State" featuring Richard Sixto (saxophonist and MC from Difference Engine) on vocals once again touching on the musical co-ordinates of Dub, DnB and Tech-house.The next 4 years saw Fredrick continuing to compose and play out live whether it was at events he curated in Calgary showcasing artists he met at festivals in Western Canada including Inshala (AB), Motion Notion (BC), Bulkley Valley Music festival (Smithers BC), Sequential Circus (Vancouver) and Beakernight (the wind up party for the Beakerhead art and science festival in Calgary). Hard at work on his EP entitled "Master Data" slated for a Fall 2017 release, Phonotactic will present an EP focused on his dubby "digital sleng-teng 2.0” sound developed equally at live shows and from studio experimentation over the past 3 years. Listen to the track Daylight from the EP via this SoundCloud link:https://soundcloud.com/phonotactic/daylight-mp3-forthcoming-ep-master-dataAt performances, audiences can expect a mixed tempo set starting deeply dubbed out gradually reaching a deep tech house destination. Expect both broken and 4 on the floor beats, a Rhodes lick here, a TB 303 groove there, bass... lots of bass... with deep synthpads from Operator's [Ableton’s] soundbank to bridge the gap between the old school and the new. All the while channeling his inner Lee "Scratch" Perry riding feedback loops created by delay upon delay.For more information contact Byron Fredrick at:phonotactic@telus.net

Pete Emes

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Smalltown Djs The Smalltown sound is fun bass-heavy house music, combining the spirit of Canada's outdoor electronic music festivals such as Shambhala & Bass Coast, with the sound they cultivated at the legendary Hifi Club in Calgary (which they own and operate).   The boys have released music most recently on various labels including Fool's Gold, Sweat It Out!, Mad Decent, Main Course, and more.  They have played shows across the globe from the Mad Decent Block and Boat Parties, to Fabric in London, Igloofest in Montreal, and Bestival in Toronto. With highlights that include appearances on Diplo & Claude Vonstroke's radio shows, a one-year stint in Las Vegas, the yearly Mountain Magic Tour with Christian Martin (of Dirtybird) and friends, and their collaboration with Shad & Wax Romeo "Boom Ha" being featured in the HBO show "Girls". In 2016 they have new music on Crispy Crust, Sweat It Out! and Punks, and a healthy tour schedule to support the latest releases, as they continue to push their forward thinking sound and positive message to the dance music masses.

Rob Clarke / DJ Tryptomene

Rob Clarke

Rob Clarke, AKA DJ Tryptomene and Rob Foosh has been involved with DJing and electronic music for close to 30 years.  Starting with radio on CJSR in Edmonton, then playing clubs, parties and raves through to opening business - Foosh, Treehouse records, the Common and 9910.  He has released records, traveled a an artist and created a number of events through the years in Alberta.