Barnaby Bennett

Barnaby Bennett.jpg

Barnaby Bennett is an ethnomusicologist with an ear for the club. The recontextualization of source material through sampling is something that fascinates Barnaby & comes through in his productions, mixes and DJ sets as they are always full of nods to all the fellow crate diggers out there. With a background in ambient/experimental and classic 60s psychedelic music, Barnaby was drawn to more club based material following European tours in 2012-2014 as he found bass music was able to convey certain universal feelings that were difficult to express through verbal language. Following a 2013 tour with Sun Araw where he recieved a crash course in Footwork history & the work of DJ Rashad, Barnaby began to immerse himself in the 160bpm world of Footwork/Juke. The innovative use of sampling in this community was a natural fit - Barnaby has begun releasing a steady trickle of productions and has performed alongside the likes of DJ Earl, Sinistarr & Mel G.