Robert Alexander

Robert Alexander Music

Robert's Deep Techno grooves mystify with his use of atmospheres, polyrhythms and gritty leads . It's enough to get you engaged and lost on the dance floor forgetting all about what is and looking only to what will be. His performance is entirely Live utilizing multiple drum machines, synths and outboard effects surly something that must be seen to believe. 

Robert has been playing many events around Winnipeg including, Ghost in the Machine, MEMEfest2016 and opened for Justin James at the 2018 MEME Preview series, He has joined the ranks of the Mi Casa Live streaming group and Is a Member of the Oscill8 Collective based in Alberta.

Labels: Vivid North, Purespace Recordings, ADRO Records

He has also Scored multiple short films Including the Award Winning Short "Trauma" and most recently the short film "The Line" 

Robert Alexander is looking to the future to travel abroad and share his passions to the World.

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