As the founder of Alberta based Borealis Festival as well as the Future Roots collective, Edmonton’s longest running organizer of underground bass music events - Dean Musani is well known for his pioneering contributions to Edmonton's music community hosting hundreds of independent events over the last decade.  Collecting vinyl from an early age kept him on the warriors path following the hardcore continuum of bass music through its emotional and technological journey.  He constantly explores the changing crossfade between Footwork, Jungle, Grime, Dub, and Techno, having been invited to perform his own dubplates and releases at Shambhala’s Village, Basscoast and other countless festivals, raves, and clubs across the world since '98 

Known as a “DJ’s DJ”, subtle precision on the decks is the hallmark of Phatcat's sets - taking risks, exploring new sounds, and never forgetting the roots of Rave, while presenting a evolving stew of his most current studio output! His rare live performances combine drum machines, analog samplers, and modular synths to create a completely all original sound rooted in 90’s jungle, acid house, dub techno, uk rave, and modern 808 bass music.

Known primarily for his on-stage persona, he is also an award winning sound designer and composer, receiving the Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award in 2015 for his original score to the acclaimed contemporary theatre/dance production “Bears” which charted the psychedelic, animistic journey of an oilsands worker returning to nature.

Having just celebrated Future Roots 12th anniversary, Phatcat is working hard towards multiple theatre/art/dance projects in 2019, including a continuing nationwide tour of BEARS, further development of his granular sampling recording project, more remix’s for label Inner City Dance, his upcoming LP, and more material for the Future Roots label!