MITTZ (Calgary, AB, Canada)
DnB Girls / Girls on Decks/ Big Kitty

Established back in 2009, Mittz started her DJ career in Edmonton, AB,
Canada. Catching on quickly and learning the technical aspects of mixing
with ease, over the years she has built a reputation by pushing her
boundaries and always delivering a hard hitting, energetic set every time she
hits the decks. As her skills, style and performances grew, she decided to
take her career to the neighbouring city of Calgary, AB.

In her early years, break beats and dubstep was the main flavour of her
musical taste, most recently taking a keen interest in the mixing styles of Hip
Hop, but her major influence always being drum and bass.

Playing countless shows and festivals all across western and central
Canada, in 2017 she landed her first international gig at the Boogaloo Art
Car and Music Festival in California. She has worked with a number of crews
across Alberta including 403dnb, Funk Bunker, Break Beat Dojo and Girls on
Decks, to name a few. One of the original members of the Dnb Girls crew, she
has continued to gain attention all across North America.

Smooth transitions, heavy hitting bass lines and melodic rolling vibes
describe this talented and versatile DJ's signature sound. Always playing the
right style for every gig, be on the lookout for Mittz behind the decks mixing
up a platter of all tings broken beat!