Matt Carter (KillMiDi)

matt carter.jpeg

Matt is a producer, live performer, sound design enthusiast and gearhead.  Matt first began making electronic music as a teenager at the turn of the millennium, dipping his toes into the once prolific tracker\demoscene, influenced heavily by 80s new wave, 90s acid, house music, industrial and cyberpunk.  Not content to camp in any one genre this evolved through the early 2000's to include synthpop, IDM, and Breakcore.  Currently Matt has shifted focus from in the box production to playing keys, performing live, and producing uniquely hardware driven Synthwave, Future Funk, and Techno under the alias KillMidi. 

Matt believes strongly that the future of electronic music lies in live performances with hardware synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers and has dedicated significant effort to researching, cultivating and promoting this scene.