Marcus Gurske

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As the principal of Marcus Gurske & Associates and formerly Play It By Ear Productions (PIBE), Marcus has 25 years' experience ranging from public affairs, corporate communications, large scale event production and the entertainment industry. He has also very community as an appointed member of Edmonton's NEXT GENERATION TASK FORCE whose mission is to create a city that attracts and gives voice to the Next Generation in the life and growth of the community. The Committee acted as a hub for networking and learning events, fosters leadership opportunities and supports initiatives of interest to the Next Generation. As a follow up he served as a member of the spin off City of Edmonton Administration committee known as the NEXT GEN COMMITTEE from 2005-2008.

Additionally, Marcus was the lead on the drafting of a new cultural policy document that became the Spirit of Alberta - Alberta's Cultural Policy which has been officially adopted as Alberta's official cultural policy. The focus of the policy was to acknowledge new cultural and society art forms and improve e-access, e-inclusion, capacity building, harmonizing of resources and looked at the short and the long-term goals for the digital exposition of culture in Alberta.