Jessica Bedford

Jessica Bedford

I design and build decor, props and stages. I am apart of great build teams and sit on the round tables of few selected magnificent minds to drum up and bring to life the crazy ideas I and we dream up for all in our community to come and walk into, be apart of, appreciate, dance and leave with the best of memories, photos, feels, and absolute happiness. 

As a builder and performer in the troupe of  Le Cirque de la Nuit. I have built imaginative decor in various themes from a 15’ half clock, mini caravans, vintage facades, hanging art installation, to installing decor in successful hopes to changing any ol’night club into a visually pleasurable escape from the ordinary. 

I also have the honour to design and build alongside the great team of Bassbus. They have given me the opportunity these past 2 yrs to design and build the decor for Basscoast Radio stage with the themes of Space and Prism. 

I co-created and lead the build of a 7’ round UFO that was crash landed (installed) into the 2nd tier of the stage itself as well as 12 beautiful prisms that we’re strategically placed in and around the radio stage. 

Other great designs and builds I have had the pleasure of doing were for Calgary Pride Parade. 5-6yrs ago Myself and my wonderful hand picked team built wicked 30’ floats of a candy land and another year a pirate ship for Les Girls (now Femme Flux). 

Most recently I had completed stage and space decor for Bassbus TD Pride block party and 2 -24’ fixed TD Pride waving flags hanging along the Bassbus itself for the parade. 

Just to name a few of the cool epic stuff I do on my free time.