Vel Omazic

Vel Omazic

Vel Omazic has been Canada’s Music Incubator’s executive director since co-founding the not-for-profit organization in 2011. CMI’s mandate is to provide customized and ongoing mentorship to artists and managers across all genres of music and to collaborate with industry partners, community organizations and all levels of government in music sector infrastructure development. He has worked in the Canadian music industry for over two decades having served as vice-president, national promotion and media relations for Sony Music Canada for 10 of those years, supporting the careers of Celine Dion, Our Lady Peace, Amanda Marshall and Chantal Kreviazuk, among many others. He got his start in the music industry in the national promotion/publicity department at PolyGram Records. Prior to joining CMI, Vel was VP marketing & communications at Green Living Enterprises, an environmental consulting, marketing and events agency.

Caylem Simeon


An Indigenous Dj from the Tsuut’ina Nation, Caylem Simeon has been playing house and techno for 26 years across Western Canada. Creating Dj sets and atmosphere’s that are pulsing with mesmerizing rhythmic grooves, Playing house and techno vibes with a sound that creates a musical experience that resonates within the soul.



As the founder of Alberta based Borealis Festival as well as the Future Roots collective, Edmonton’s longest running organizer of underground bass music events - Dean Musani is well known for his pioneering contributions to Edmonton's music community hosting hundreds of independent events over the last decade.  Collecting vinyl from an early age kept him on the warriors path following the hardcore continuum of bass music through its emotional and technological journey.  He constantly explores the changing crossfade between Footwork, Jungle, Grime, Dub, and Techno, having been invited to perform his own dubplates and releases at Shambhala’s Village, Basscoast and other countless festivals, raves, and clubs across the world since '98 

Known as a “DJ’s DJ”, subtle precision on the decks is the hallmark of Phatcat's sets - taking risks, exploring new sounds, and never forgetting the roots of Rave, while presenting a evolving stew of his most current studio output! His rare live performances combine drum machines, analog samplers, and modular synths to create a completely all original sound rooted in 90’s jungle, acid house, dub techno, uk rave, and modern 808 bass music.

Known primarily for his on-stage persona, he is also an award winning sound designer and composer, receiving the Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award in 2015 for his original score to the acclaimed contemporary theatre/dance production “Bears” which charted the psychedelic, animistic journey of an oilsands worker returning to nature.

Having just celebrated Future Roots 12th anniversary, Phatcat is working hard towards multiple theatre/art/dance projects in 2019, including a continuing nationwide tour of BEARS, further development of his granular sampling recording project, more remix’s for label Inner City Dance, his upcoming LP, and more material for the Future Roots label!

Tim Lowing


Tim Lowing embarked into adulthood as one of the countries youngest comedic performers; back when you could still smoke in a venue, Tim was wowing crowds with his mature approach to all things. Essentially, no one could have imagined that young Lowing was in fact, too young to be present! By 18 Tim was touring western Canada and by 23 Tim was a nationally touring headliner who had been invited to Just for Laughs twice. Today Tim is a leader in the gas turbine overhaul industry as a red seal aerospace trained machinist and the sole proprietor of Lowing Media. His media contributions include freelance writing for the Airdrie Echo on Arts and Culture, photography, videography and his marquee project, Finding Laughter.

Octave One

Octave One

The electrifying live performances of Octave One are one reason that the Detroit born and bred producers are in constant demand. On stage, Octave One transforms synthesizers and sequencers into vessels of funk, house and symphonic beats. The live show is evidence of what longtime fans already know.

As well as performing live Octave One have penned several of the dance floor classics that define an era. With a wave of new music and global touring for 2018, the Burden brothers are set to release a new album entitled ‘Endustry’ under the much loved Random Noise Generation guise with and live shows to match.

Octave One is the brainchild of core members Lenny and Lawrence Burden. The Burden brothers burst onto the Detroit techno scene in 1990, producing their debut “I Believe,” featured on the compilation Techno 2: The Next Generation. The collective also includes frequent contributions from siblings Lynell, Lance and Lorne Burden. Their 2002 hit single "Black Water" has sold over one million records worldwide. Little Louie Vega, Danny Tenaglia, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin are among the DJs that continue to regularly weave “Black Water” into their sets. The group has also earned critical acclaim for countless records including "Empower," "Nicolette" and “The X-files.”

The Burdens also founded 430 West/Direct Beat Records in 1990, a record label that paved the way for the rise of the indies throughout the ’90s. Their extensive 430 West catalog ranges from Aux 88's "My A.U.X. Mind" to Rolando's "Jaguar," which included an Octave One remix. Octave One has remixed tracks for Massive Attack, Steve Bug, Aril Brikha, Vince Watson, The Trampps, Rhythm is Rhythm and Inner City. The Burdens have also released music under the band name Random Noise Generation, including a 2006 full length DVD/CD project by Octave One featuring Random Noise Generation Off The Grid, released in cooperation with Tresor Records.

After touring and making music for decades the spirit and essential energy of the craft is what keeps them eternally inspired to keep creating and touring the globe... “Once it takes hold of you you can’t stop even if you wanted to.” say the brothers.

Their 2015 album Burn It Down further pushed the pillars of funk and soul forward and introduced the band to a new generation. On Jazzo/Lose Yourself,” featuring a remix by

Paul Woolford and vocals by Ann Saunderson, Octave One blends the intimacy of the studio production process with the immediacy of the live performance. “We did it by slamming a DJ set with a live recording studio,” says Lawrence.

2016 saw the duo release "Just Don’t Speak” an infectious uptempo banger peppered with lush strings and enchanting vocals of longtime collaborator Saunderson and debuted on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show. It’s both uplifting and meditative in nature, an escape into sound and infectious rhythms. The Burdens mine the energy and perspective gained from sold-out gigs in dozens of cities across Europe, Japan, the UK, Australia and the U.S. “We’re always exploring how we can push the boundaries of live performance into the mainstream dance culture and probe the channels where we intersect with other genres of music,” says Lawrence. “The fusion is starting to become more and more interesting to us. When we think of dance we think of what inspired our parents to dance the Barry Whites, Earth, Wind & Fires, Elton Johns and the like.”

Octave One’s myriad of live experiences reflect back on the band’s studio process, in 2016 they also played a special performance with members of the Tonhalle Orchestra conducted by our Stephen Hussey. This spring, the band co-headlined the Electronic Stage of Rock in Rio Lisbon with Carl Cox and the 909 Festival in Amsterdam with Jeff Mills. They’ve also recently released remixes of Claude Von Stroke’s “Who's Afraid of Detroit,” Luke Slater/Planetary Assault Systems’ “Booster” and Dave Clarke’s "Way of Life."

Both Lenny and Lawrence are trained musicians, who took an early interest in DJing, programming, and inventing their own sound equipment. "Our set is unique, because we've created a setup that mimics a drum kit," Lenny says.

Their performances earn critical acclaim. “If you ever get the chance to attend one of their highly energetic shows, be sure to opt for the in-person venture and save the YouTube streams for later,” one journalist writes. Octave One is more than an electronic band; it’s an experience, one that assures you’ll be back for more, teasing the boundaries of space, sound, and the possibilities of music in real time.


Dj Oakk

Branching across numerous genres, OAKK produces dynamic, eclectic, and infectious bass music that is impossible to resist. Based out of Calgary, Canada, and working closely with the illustrious Hifi Club, one of OAKK’s main priorities is building upon the already thriving electronic music community in his city. His weekly residency “New Wave” provides a platform for other like-minded individuals to have their sounds heard on a world renowned stage. Musically speaking, OAKK’s catalogue is surrealistically beautiful, rambunctiously energetic, and intellectually stimulating — it draws influence from some of the most forward-thinking working artists of today as well as the most timeless classics. An intense passion for music and community has brought OAKK to his current stage, and given him the tools needed to propel his creative endeavours.

On Off On

On Off On

On Off On is a house and techno producer from Calgary, AB. With an emphasis on improvised, performance oriented live music, On Off On is dedicated to deep, moody grooves and melodic analog synth lines. Electronic music made with a classic approach using modern analog and digital hardware.



Calgary based producer and DJ ‘OpenEnd’ shines aptitude throughout his craft. He has grounded himself a platform in the Noctilux Collective over the last few years that has enabled him to express his personal vision through music and art. OpenEnd sound is a consistent blend of jungle & bass, slow/fast rhythm, and minimal halftime that indicates a dynamic story throughout his DJ sets no matter what time and place. His experience and commitment has landed him international bookings in Australia, Costa Rica, and other notable music festivals in Canada such as Shambhala and Motion Notion. He has performed alongside artists such as Dbridge, Amit, Deft and Fixate to name a few. Going into 2018, OE maintains his direct focus on writing music and keeping his head down as a full-time design student in Calgary. With forthcoming releases on Noctilux, a handful of dubs and collaborations in the works, OpenEnd is without question a selector to keep your eyes/ears on. Keep it locked.