Allison Myggland

Allison Myggland Headshot - Photo by Sinead Dubeau.jpg

Allison has been involved with the grassroots music community, from Alberta to Atlantic Canada, for over fifteen years. In her current role as Program Manager with Alberta Music, Allison's duties include curating and delivering a series of educational programming for musicians and music industry professionals, consulting one-on-one with members, and executing the industry development strategies set forth by the board. Prior to her time with Alberta Music, Allison worked as an independent industry advisor, researcher, and consultant, sharing her knowledge with musicians, industry professionals, labels, venues, and industry organizations all across Canada.

Her 2017 report, commissioned by the East Coast Music Association, Music Canada, and Music Canada Live, Striking A New A-Chord: Recommendations for the Growth and Development of Canada’s East Coast Music Industry, directed a spotlight onto the current state of the music sector in Atlantic Canada and offers deep insight into the conditions faced by musicians and industry professionals.