Allison Dunne


Allison is born and raised in Calgary, AB. Her 29 years have been formed surrounding the music scene here and throughout the continent as a promoter, manager, organizer and most importantly, a fan. Through her education and personal life experience, she noticed the predominate role of exclusivity and sexism within her community. She has since spent her time trying to influence the system that finds itself throughout the music scene, industry and everyday lives. Allison proudly contributes to SASS and Calgary Pride whilst sitting on the board for VOICES, and co-founded a bi-weekly event called Pink Flamingo, which provides a safe space for the LGBTQ2SA+ community and their allies. She is passionate about equity, intersectionality, unlearning and healing within the conversations of humanity and language. Allison believes in creating community and togetherness as often as possible, especially in the world of music, media and public relations, which is the foundation of her education. While navigating the world as a marginalized person, she is grateful to be exposed to a diverse group of peers that enlighten her about accessibility and accountability, and is honoured to share those insights anytime she can.