Wolf Camo

Rugged, untempered and experimental; Wolf Camo (Josh Des) is a staple in the Calgary based Noctilux Collective. A member of the team since 2015, Wolf Camo has since curated a unique sound. A complication from influences and inspirations such as dark visual art, classic horror movies, stimulating si-fi’s, anime, deep minimal techno and of course dark, low-end dubstep. Hard at work, he’s accomplished an aphotic, experimental sound with a cacophony of brooding complex melodies and polyrythms fit for the loudest sound systems. The unparalleled sound crafted by Wolf Camo has evoked performances across Canada as well as internationally; alongside Truth, Sleeper, Mala, and Loefah. Wolf Camo has released music through Subworld Audio, Abysmal Entities, and Black North Audio. With the anticipation of additional music being released in 2018, Wolf Camo is excited to divulge secret weapons from his dubplate arsenal.


Andrew Williams

Andrew Willams

Andrew Williams, is a DJ, producer, record collector, promoter and musical jack-of-all-trades based in Edmonton, Alberta. Childhood roots in the United Kingdom planted the love of electronic music that would start to take shape amongst the fledgling Alberta DJ scene in the early 2000s. He now spends his time jumping between music production with his Dunmore Park alias, working on his music collective Night Vision Music, and developing the Alberta Electronic Music Conference into a world-class experience.

Night Vision, a multi-faceted collective of musical activity, was co-founded by Andrew  and a group of like-minded friends to push the boundaries of Canadian electronic music to Edmonton and beyond. Night Vision promotes local and international artists, releases dance floor conscious house music, and educates new electronic producers through their school, the Night Vision Music Academy.

Shawn Wilson

Shawn Wilson

Shawn Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Muzooka, where artists manage their media assets on any festival, venue, ticketing, or radio platform from one central hub. Muzooka also sends verified show reports to collecting societies to ensure that rights holders are properly paid when their songs are performed live. 

Shawn has been building, running, and investing in successful tech businesses across a variety of industries for over eighteen years.



 A lover of all things sonic, Jonny Ng - better known as Syntax has been fully immersed in all things dub – from his commitment as a vinyl DJ, to consistently bringing roots and future talent to Calgary through Sub Chakra since 2012. A perfectionist, Syntax stays true to the craft by DJing exclusively on vinyl records where he demonstrates his candid ear and precision mixing. 

With an affinity to Jamaican roots music, UK steppa sounds and proper dubstep, he took the plunge into the world of DJing in 2010 and has not looked back since. Syntax’s most authentic inspirations stem from the dubplate culture and soundclashes he witnessed through his travels around the world. The vibe and intimacy he felt at these dances is something he constantly strives to achieve both as an artist and promoter in Calgary. The last few years have seen Syntax honing in on his sound and building his crate of vinyl selections and exclusive dubplate cuts - all while working tirelessly to bring soundsystem culture to Canada!


Ben Spencer

Ben Spencer

Ben Spencer is the Director of the ATB Branch for Arts + Culture, an initiative founded to connect and strengthen Alberta's creative communities through specialized banking and networking services. Ben's passion for the arts stems from a career of music composition, writing and audio production. He cares deeply about improving the quality of life of creative people across the province. 




Sleeper (UK) [Crucial Recordings // Chestplate // Artikal Music UK // System:Sound // Sentry Records]
Widely regarded as one of the best dubstep producers in the world, Sleeper (Alex Fox) has been one of the leaders of dubstep’s creative revival.

Growing up in the UK, Sleeper became a regular at the DMZ and Subdub nights in Leeds, shifting his production focus from drum n bass to dubstep. “Coming from drum n bass and jungle, it was eye opening to see so much space in the sound. I felt like there was so much potential to grow.”

The first incarnation of Sleeper was endorsed by DJ Distance from the jump. Released by Chestplate in 2011, “Zombies” helped usher in an era of dark techno inspired dubstep that was marked by its movie-quality sound design. Along with artists like Kryptic Minds, District, and Biome, Sleeper’s output continually improved and shaped dubstep’s darker side. Releases with J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music, Moving Ninja’s Aquatic Lab, and Simon Shreeve’s (Kryptic Minds) Osiris Music, followed.

“I love making that sound because I learned so much making it,” says Sleeper when he speaks of his original sound. “I still love techno and try to get that influence into my stuff, but I have always loved dub music and am now using more dub techniques in my sound.”

He speaks of latest creations, which marry his high end sound engineering skills with a more rootsy, dubby approach. Sleeper’s 2015 output has more space, with songs like “Kaya” and “Shatterz” making use of delays and hard-hitting roots percussion. It’s modern dub: classic sound system music built for the digital age.

With a shift in sound comes a brand new label, this one owned and operated by Sleeper himself. Crucial Recordings has seen two releases, the first of which sold out in a few days, the second of which is already moving, and the third of which features Sleeper’s first signing, UK dubstep upstart Foamplate. “I just wanted a platform of my own to release music whenever I want, but I’ve been sent a lot of great unsigned music since the label started so now I can release other people’s music as well.”

Moving forward, Sleeper prepares to embark on his second North American trip after the success of 2014’s Artikal Music Tour that saw him play to packed houses across the country. Armed with some of dubstep’s best tunes, remixes, and VIP’s, his first solo tour will be memorable for all who see it, something you learn to expect from one of the best in the world.







Jeremie Voillot

Jeremie Voillot

Jeremie Voillot is the Director of Audio for BioWare – after a career as a DJ and promoter in Vancouver, Jeremie attended Vancouver Film School and began working for BioWare as a sound designer during the last years of production for critically acclaimed game, Mass Effect™. 12 years later and Jeremie has played many roles on the BioWare audio team; Technical Lead, Senior Sound Designer, Audio Director and most recently Department Director. Always pushing for intelligent systems though a qualitatively driven vision – Jeremie has led his team through the creation and delivery of over eight AAA project releases.



Becky VanTassel


Becky is the training centre manager at the Centre for Sexuality in Calgary, Alberta. She has been working in the non-profit sector since 2000 and has focused on sexuality for the majority of this time. She is committed to bring a sense of safety and fun to her facilitation. To find out more about the Centre for Sexuality you can connect here https://www.centreforsexuality.ca/about-us/