Calgary Party Safe


We are a not-for-profit local harm reduction organization. As PartySafe volunteers our goal is to foster the ability of our peers to positively influence their own health and safety by providing them with the support and accurate information they need to make informed choices. We hope to minimize the risks taken by those who choose to use and believe that by educating people about the mental and physical effects of drugs and other risky, party-related activities, they will be able to make safer choices. We do not solicit harm reduction information rather we provide non-judgemental support and information to those who seek it. We neither promote nor condemn drug use.


Our main activity is to provide harm reduction information and supplies by setting up booths at electronic dance music concerts, edm parties, edm festivals and other related venues. Our volunteers also provide assistance and reassurance to people who may need it. In addition we aim to work with promoters to help ensure that events are produced and held safely.


We are a group of local electronic dance music scene enthusiasts of all ages who rely solely on the generous donations of time, resources and money of our volunteers, as well as donations and support from promoters and other sponsors.

VOLUNTEERS: WE NEED YOUR HELP! There are many ways you can get involved with us. If you wish to volunteer, please send us an email at We will contact you and invite you to one of our meetings. ALL ARE WELCOME!

PROMOTERS: Interested in having a PartySafe booth at your event? Please contact us by e-mail with details of your event at