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Alberta Electronic Music seeks to professionalize, unite, and develop Alberta’s Electronic Music community through workshops, panels, information sessions and curated entertainment. Meet the team behind the event!

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Isis Graham,


For the past 20 years house music artist Esette (Isis Graham) has played an instrumental role in shaping Calgary’s dance music landscape into the internationally recognized hotspot that it is today. Her 30-plus releases have received support from artists like Maceo Plex, Fred Everything, Giom, Luke McKeehan, Animal Trainer, Vanilla Ace, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, DJ Heather, DOZA, Maya Jane Coles and Pezzner.

In 1999 she began DJing, and after local bylaws brought about the end of raves the following year she brought her Chicago-influenced house tracks to some of the most notable venues of the last decade. In 2003 Graham was invited to become a founding member of Girls on Decks, a group dedicated to increasing the visibility of women in dance music. In late 2013, became a co-owner of the new re-launched Substation Recordings, a label dedicated to showcasing the avant-garde of western Canadian house and techno on a world platform. In 2014, she also helped to launch the first community based music listening party at Habitat Living sound; Studio Social which has since inspired many other similar projects like Groundwerk in Vancouver and Feedback Loop in Winnipeg.

Andrew Williams, Alberta Electronic Music Co Founder

Andrew Williams, Edmonton


Andrew Williams, is a DJ, producer, record collector, promoter and musical jack-of-all-trades based in Edmonton, Alberta. Childhood roots in the United Kingdom planted the love of electronic music that would start to take shape amongst the fledgling Alberta DJ scene in the early 2000s. He now spends his time jumping between music production with his Dunmore Park alias and working on his music collective Night Vision Music.

Night Vision, a multi-faceted collective of musical activity, was co-founded by Andrew and a group of like-minded friends to push the boundaries of Canadian electronic music to Edmonton and beyond. Night Vision promotes local and international artists, releases dance floor conscious house music, and educates new electronic producers through their school, the Night Vision Music Academy.

Matt Carter,


Matt is a producer, live performer, sound design enthusiast and gearhead. Matt first began making electronic music as a teenager at the turn of the millennium, dipping his toes into the once prolific tracker\demoscene, influenced heavily by 80s new wave, 90s acid, house music, industrial and cyberpunk. Not content to camp in any one genre this evolved through the early 2000's to include synthpop, IDM, and Breakcore. Currently Matt has shifted focus from in the box production to playing keys, performing live, and producing uniquely hardware driven Synthwave, Future Funk, and Techno under the alias KillMidi.

Matt believes strongly that the future of electronic music lies in live performances with hardware synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers and has dedicated significant effort to researching, cultivating and promoting this scene.

Shauna Selezinka, Accounting

Shauna Selezinka, Calgary

Accounting Manager

Shauna’s been obsessed with music ever since she got her first Walkman. She nurtured a long-standing passion for hip-hop which flourished into a DJ career during her years in Banff. In the last few years she has settled in Calgary, and when not working her day job in accounting she has been honing her craft and digging deep for the best gems in hip hop, groove, and hip house.

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Max Foley, Calgary

Media Team Manager

As a multimedia content creator with a bottomless appetite for everything music, Max has his hands full with the Canadian electronic scene. Freshly graduated from Mount Royal University’s Journalism degree program, his passion for writing, photography and connecting people has gelled into an all-consuming commitment to giving back to the movement that has taught him so much.

When he’s not hosting NEW WAVE every other Thursday at Calgary’s HiFi Club or writing articles for FREQ. and BeatRoute, you can catch him in the gym, doing hot yoga, or ambling around downtown with camera in hand.

Contact Max at media@albertaelectronicmusic.com


Dane Hanson, Calgary

Social Media Coordinator

Dane Hanson has always had an extreme love for electronic music starting from the age of 14. Growing up on Boards of Canada, Plaid, U-Ziq and "IDM" he was an avid collector of all things spacey, glitched out, and abstract. As a DJ his influences can range anywhere from deep techno / electro, to soulful disco/house, to rare italo gems lost in time and re-imagined. Always playing from the heart, his high energy sets are sure to get you off the chairs and onto the dance floor as it’s a rare site to see him standing still behind the decks without a smile.

Dane came onto the Saskatchewan scene 9 years ago in full force; DJing non-stop, constantly promoting events, and making a name for himself as a positive, energetic, healthy influence in the local electronic music community in Saskatoon.

Dane recently moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2017 to expand his musical horizons and help build up a strong community of label owners, DJ's and producers with a common goal to grow the scene, create an inclusive environment, and push boundaries. With a love for music and a thirst for production, he is always continuing to expand his skills as a DJ, producer, and promoter.


Vicki Perreault, Edmonton

Admin & Hospitality Support

Vicki first got into electronic music through her early years as a record store clerk. After moving to Edmonton in 2001, it wasn't long until she discovered and was captivated by the local dance culture. She immersed herself in the scene and after her first large music festival experience, she was hooked.

Since then she has been working in the industry as a venue manager and promoter (YEGDNB, Femme Metale), producing quality events that build and strengthen the local community. Working for festivals like Astral Harvest and Shambhala, she brings her passion for music into everything she involves herself in. Although she appreciates all electronica, drum n bass is what truly makes her heart beat. Vicki also made her debut this year as an electronic vocalist, collaborating on tracks with artists across Western Canada.

Michael Benz, Photographer and Designer

Michael Benz, Calgary

Designer, Photographer

I'm a fan of the mountains, great friends, great music and being creative. I live and breathe photography, there is nothing more satisfying to a good moment then a perfect capture of that through an image.

Film holds a special place in my heart, providing me a lot of experimentation with any personal work I take on, I hope you enjoy my work.

Any inquiries, or even if you want to just be my friend, feel free to send me an email at Michael@benzphoto.ca.

Riley Miller

Riley Miller - Lethbridge

Student / Campus Coordinator

Born in Calgary and now based out of Lethbridge, my musical interests have lead me to a life of promoting and performing at campus and community events for the past 8 years. As this year's chair of the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA), I help lead this year's Board of Directors in developing and adding value to our membership of 72 Student Unions Canada wide. My involvement in the local music community has also landed me the role as Vice President for the Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival's organization committee, lead curator for the University of Lethbridge's Fresh Fest for the past 5 years, and most recently one of the PK Sound crew members for this past year's Shambhala Music Festival. AEM Con opened many doors for my career last year, and I look forward to sharing those experiences with campuses as we lead up to yet another amazing conference this November!