The Build-Your-Own Synth Workshop

Featuring the Meeblip Diode Synth

 Our early prototype design

Our early prototype design

What: A Build Your Own Synthesizer Workshop!

When: Two possible times - Sunday 12pm-2pm, or 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Note, this workshop runs for 2 hours.

Where: National Music Centre - King Eddy Building

How Much: $75 (includes everything you need to walk out with a new Meeblip Diode Synthesizer. There are a max of 10 spots per sitting.

Have you ever wanted to build your own synth from scratch? In this special 2-hour add-on workshop, a specialist from Meeblip will take you through the steps to build your very own Meeblip Diode Synthesizer.

You’ll learn basic soldering skills and how to follow a circuit diagram and walk out with a fully functional and POWERFUL bass synth (learn more about it below).

This course does not require any previous electronics knowledge or experience to complete and has been tailored so that you can come and participate regardless of skill level.

This is a $75 ticketed event and not included in your AEMCON Pass.

Tickets are extremely limited. Buy tickets here

MeeBlip Diode: the get-your-hands-dirty bass synth

MeeBlip diode opens up synthesis like no hardware before. It makes unique, dirty bass sounds easy and affordable. And it’s a platform for learning about sound creation and synthesis – ready to play if you’re a beginner, and hackable if you’re more advanced.

You get the award-winning sounds of the MeeBlip line of synths diode at a lower price, with improved performance, new USB MIDI connectivity, and more hackable appeal than ever.

It’s the perfect building block for making and learning about sound.

Surprisingly big sounds

Anyone with a MeeBlip will tell you: small size or fewer knobs doesn’t mean less sound. The diode is the latest generation of our signature dirty, bass-heavy synth personality, as found on the acclaimed anode and triode.

There’s hands-on control of two oscillators, tunable to edgy leads or angry dissonance. Kick in the third sub oscillator for even bigger bass. Adjust modulation from tame to wild, and shape envelopes and glide.

The anode/triode analog filter is back, too, with its screaming circuitry. And switch between different wavetables for expansive options.

Hack it to go even further

Diode is designed to be ready to play, but it’s also open source and hackable – and we want to make it easier for you to hack, and give you some ideas for what to do.

A full MIDI implementation opens up diode to integration with hardware, software, scripting, and more. Now you can hack in CV and gate analog control, or mod the firmware (adjust knob ranges or add your own wavetables).

Under the hood, MeeBlip diode is again open source hardware, with free licenses and complete code and circuit board schematics available.

And to support workshops on synthesis, electronics, DIY, and soldering, diode is available as a beginner-to-intermediate kit, in reduced-cost bundles.

Easy to connect

Budget synths usually skimp on connectivity. But we’ve got a full-sized MIDI jack, USB MIDI support (for compatibility with computers plus iOS and Android*), and a convenient minijack that works both with headphones and with line output.

There’s also complete MIDI control of sound parameters, for control and automation via software and other hardware.

The synth that teaches you

Most music products are surprisingly unfriendly to beginners, assuming you’re a specialist before you open the box. But because MeeBlip is a collaboration with musician and music tech author Peter Kirn (, it also comes with a book that teaches you everything you need to know. Instead of searching for videos and waiting through long-winded explanations, follow step by step as diode demystifies synthesis.

We’ve never seen a synth that goes quite this far into teaching you about synths, but we can do that partly because diode is simple, easy, and playable.

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 Our fully functional synth!

Our fully functional synth!

Want to see a sample of what a Meeblip synth can do? Check out this video of their other product, the Triode.


  • Unique Meeblip digital oscillator with hardware sub-oscillator

  • Envelope with decay knob and switchable sustain/release

  • Original twin-t analog filter from our award-winning anode synthesizer

  • Wavetable oscillator with 16 waveforms

  • Optimized for grungy, beautiful bass sounds

  • Compact, 5 1/2” x 3 3/4” case (approx. 140 x 95 mm)

  • Modulation, envelope and tuning controls

  • Open source hardware, but fully-assembled and ready to play

  • MIDI and USB MIDI input for compatibility with vintage and modern hardware, computers, and (with a compatible adapter) iPad and iPhone