Sampler Cafe

Sampler Cafe Edmonton

Sampler Cafe is a diverse community of beat makers, sample sculptors, pad smashers and musical misfits that work together to promote unity through the craft of music and to share beat culture with the masses. From hosting open jam sessions, engaging the community through educational workshops, welcoming guest educators and performers or creating sample heavy electronic music live as a team, Sampler Cafes approach is focused on opening up the portal of accessibility for newcomers and veterans alike to shape a space to exchange knowledge and new ideas in the art of the beat. We welcome you to join Sampler Cafe at the AEMCon Gear Swap!

Normals Welcome

Normals Welcome

Normals Welcome is an electronic music label based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. What started as a club night in 2004 became a record label in 2005, and now whaddya know, we are deep in the game. Normals Welcome is operated by Dylan, Nik, and Jason. We enjoy analog synthesizers, classic drum machines, records, and throwing parties for our friends.

Our releases can be found for sale at our webstore or at Juno Records

Substation Recordings

Substation Records Calgary

Substation Recordings represent the talented class of artists in the Western Canadian house and techno scene. We believe that by supporting local artists and placing them on a world stage, it helps build a stronger local dance music community and showcases a unique feeling and vibe that we have here in Western Canada. Substation is more than a label, it is a circle of great friends, contributors and deejays who have been working hard for the better part of two decades in multiple genres to unify Calgary's underground dance culture.

In each artist you'll find a unique history and footprint in their music, and with each release, we hope you will find a connection to their story and join us again to celebrate our love for music.

Future Roots

Future Roots Edmonton

The Future Roots collective has been instrumental in the creation of a vibrant Edmonton scene for all forms of electronic bass music, including fostering the newest movements such as wave, 160bpm, footwork/juke, and dub techno. Founded by Dean Musani in 2005, Future Roots has played an especially major part in the local drum & bass, dubstep, and future bass movements. They have led a continued push to explore the cutting edge of sampler and synth based soundsystem music, hosting groundbreaking artists sometimes years before they are known to a wider audience. Artists such as DJ Rashad, Sam Binga, Machinedrum, Kahn, Addison Groove, Eskmo, OM Unit, Plastician, Joker, and even Excision & Zeds Dead were all introduced to Edmonton through Future Roots events and the goal to discover and introduce new music in the region continues alongside the new focus on releasing original music through their newly minted cassette label!

Night Vision

Night Vision is an Edmonton-based collective of producers, DJs, and artists at the forefront of Canada’s electronic music scene. Created in 2013, Night Vision has expanded from throwing unique, underground parties to the launch of a clothing line, a music production school, and a record label. Above all, the collective aims to foster an inclusive, welcoming community that is committed to pushing its artists at both local and international stages.