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About UNT Records:

Unite. Nurture. Transcend. We believe that when given the opportunity to unite with like minds from around the globe, have talent nurturedand opportunities to learn about the music business, artists will be capable of transcending their own limitations that may come from location and access to the wider industry. Unlike many Canadian-based labels, the focus of UNT is world wide. While there are many Canadian artists on the label, there are also many from corners around the world, including Albania, Colombia, and Spain — as we believe that good music has no borders. UNT finds new talent, and aims to connect it with more established artists through remixes, collaborations, media, and events. 

At our core, we aim to educate artists as they enter the industry and equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. We are advocates, too, looking to address the inadequacies and misconceptions surrounding the current methods for ensuring artists’ revenues get to them. With a focus on all things techno, you will find music which holds a signature UNT quality characterized through An Obsession With Sound, also the name of the label’s weekly podcast featuring talent from around the world.