Keynotes and Product Demos

Ardalan Keynote

Instructor: Ardalan 

Join Dirtbird's Ardalan for his keynote speech on Friday evening at 9910. He'll be speaking about his production method, what he's learned from an incredible career touring, and what his advice is for producers looking to take music to the next level.

A Different Approach to Audio and MIDI Interfaces: Enabling Multiple Computers in your Workflows 

Presented by iConnectivity 

Audio and MIDI Interfaces have not really seen innovations for many years (we don't count increased sample rates and deeper bit depths as innovations). Meanwhile, electronic devices and software are changing the way we make make music and presenting new creative options. The real innovation challenge for today’s interfaces is how to make multiple computing devices, including the iPad or iPhone, part of your workflow. iConnectivity interfaces specialize in tightly integrating digital audio and MIDI equipment across multiple computing platforms.

We will be reviewing a bit of history of iConnectivity, a company who has successfully taken on this innovation opportunity - reviewing the features and capabilities of the iConnectAUDIO4+ and how to configure the device - then a brief preview of what is next for iConnectivity.



The Art of Flow

Instructor: Adam Johan (Night Vision Academy, Edmonton)

Join the Night Vision Music Academy's head instructor, Adam Johan, for a talk on generating ideas and staying creative. Learn about Adam's production workflow and the source of his inspiration along with some left-field tips on how to add variety and interest into your productions.

A guide to syncing instruments and DJ Gear 

Presented by Roland Canada

Dive into Roland's brand new product line up with this informative session that blends live and DJing.

All About Alberta Music 

Presented by Alberta Music

A short but informative how you can get the most out of your Alberta Music membership and what this amazing body can do for you and your career.