Interested in joining our photo & video content team? We're looking for photographers, videographers, and other forms of media to help capture the activities and excitement at AEMCON 2019.

In exchange for helping us capture content, all media team members receive a free pass to AEMCON ($189.99 value). For more details, contact Kate Roberts at

Media Team applications will be reviewed in September & October

Important Info

Time Commitment

Typically, media team members are booked to cover a variety of day-time and night time events. This is usually split into two or three short shifts amounting to a max of 10 hours. Details depend on photographer availability.

Media Team Availability

Our conference runs from November 13th until the evening of November 17th. The majority of our media shifts will be required between the 15th and 17th. We’ll work with your availability schedule.

Sign In / Out

Media team at satellite events/venues must check in and out with our media coodinator.

Upload & File Naming Requirement

To assist us in proper attribution of all photos and for ease in social media tagging, all photos/videos must be uploaded using the following file naming convention


For example

Missed Shifts / Late Policy

Every media team member is required to be on time for their shifts. If you miss one of your shifts due to an emergency, you must inform our media coordinator.

Please email Kate Roberts at for other questions

Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts

Media Coordinator
Kate fell in love with the Alberta electronic music scene while she was completing her BA in Communications & Media Studies at the University of Calgary, where she spent a few more late nights at venues than a student really should.

Her background in the music industry began humbly, as a volunteer at music festivals and events. Driven by the attitude that things are much more fun if you’re fully involved and get to see how things happen behind the scene, she would help set up stages, wrap cables, or bartend. In 2013 she first volunteered with the artist relations team at Shambhala Music Festival. This is where she hit her stride, and she rose through the ranks. Her hard work and dedication to the scene have seen her become Manager of Artist Relations at Shambhala Music Festival and Assistant Manager of Artist Hospitality at Bass Coast Electronic Music & Arts Festival.

Outside of the music industry she lives in a small mountain town, and can be found snowboarding, mountain biking, or rock climbing .