Artist Hospitality & Admin Manager (Contract)

Main Duration of Responsibility: May 1 - November 30, 2019, Plus a few briefing meetings in the Spring

On Site Availability Requirements: Nov 14-17, mostly troubleshooting / coordination

Location Requirement: You must be available to attend AEMCON 2019 in Calgary. But the rest of the job can be done from anywhere

Paid/Volunteer: Contract

Part Time, Escalating Contract, Work From Home

The Artist Hospitality & Admin Manager position is a vital role within AEMCON. Your job is coordinate the intake of speaker and artist information, manage artist driver schedules, and to take the administrative burden off the conference directors as it relates to the collection and organization of artist data.

While this position does not require a great deal of weekly work, there will be periods of rush when we are pushing to make deadlines for major announcements and content releases.

We’re looking for someone with the following:

  • Your the most organized person you know. You love a perfectly designed spreadsheet.

  • You 2-5 years experience in event hospitality and have exceptional communication skills and professionalism

  • Experience working with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

  • Great written and verbal communication abilities

  • Experience working in a festival / conference environment is a plus

  • Experience using Slack for communications is a plus

Your Responsibilities

  • Working with the conference Directors to develop smart processes around speaker/artist data collection, contract management, and hospitality concerns.

  • Manage the collection of data from speakers and artists - contracts, artist/speaker personal info, bios, flight schedules, headshots

  • Book, manage and oversee all driving schedules between AEMCON directors & AEMCON Drivers.

  • Manages the hotel schedule for speakers/artists

  • Primary contact for guests looking for shuttles, change of drive times, airport runs.

  • Primary contact for AEMCON drivers during the conference.

  • Solve any issues relating to transport, hotel overall guest experience.

    If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume & cover letter to with the email subject “Artist Hospitality & Admin Manager”


The Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) is a one-of-a-kind experience for music producers, DJs, and those that work and create in the world of electronic music. We're a multi-day conference aimed at inspiring and elevating Canada's electronic music scene and the people that make it possible. Combining insight from international headliners, workshops by industry veterans, panel discussions, mixers, and night-life events, this event was created by music lovers for music lovers.

Our Vision

To create a globally respected, self-sufficient arts organization that consistently propels Western Canada’s Electronic Music community into the national and North American spotlight, provides regular world-class content to develop the local community, and advocates on behalf of the electronic music community to achieve political and community goals within Alberta.

Our Organizational Values

  • We strive to communicate promptly, clearly, and professionally at all times

  • We are biased towards action and “getting things done”

  • We have a commitment to self reflection and self-improvement in every part of our organization

  • We practice listening and understanding each other, before responding

  • We work collaboratively with community stakeholders wherever possible

  • We support Canadian arts organizations, venues, and entrepreneurs

  • We advocate for diversity, in all its forms, to be represented at our conference