Greazus / B.C. / Hospital Records


GREAZUS is the culmination of nearly 2 combined decades of experience producing music, DJing, running record labels and promoting underground shows in Vancouver. This is the shared vision of two of the city’s most renowned and prolific bass music ambassadors – HxdB & Patrik Cure.

Individually, both are accomplished music producers, having releases on some of the most respected labels in the scene like Tectonic, B.YRSLF, Brownswood, Mindset and countless others. Their solo music having been supported by legends like Gilles Peterson, Ben UFO, Machinedrum and B Traits, and having several plays on BBC Radio1, Rinse FM & NTS.

Together they have combined their shared experiences and passion for music, to create a uniquely infectious sound, paying homage to their Jungle, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop roots, while fusing elements of Juke, Footwork, Grime and House. The result in both their productions and performances has been blowing up dance floors and opening eyes to their hybrid, genre-melding sounds. Both having performed frequently across North America and at legendary festivals like Shambhala and Bass Coast Project. Despite this project being in its relative infancy, the two have already received support from international heavyweights like Youngsta, dBridge, London Elektricity, Sam Binga, Om Unit, Ivy Lab, Hyroglifics, Klax & Fixate. On the West Coast, their music has gained support from major players like Mat The Alien, The Librarian, Bleep Bloop, Max Ulis, Stylust Beats, Yan Zombie & Taal Mala to name but a handful.

They have collaborated and remixed well-established artists like Distal, Doctor Jeep, Sinistarr,Self Evident & Subcorr and with their feverish studio ethics, have many new and exciting sounds yet to unleash. Their anthemic re-interpretation of John B’s classic “Up All Night”, won them a legion of new fans, hungry for more of their fun, old-meets-new swagger. With music forthcoming and released on legendary labels, Hospital Records & Critical Music in addition to a full EP on Diffrent Music and more music on Vandal, GREAZUS is ready to blow up your dance floor.

Shaun Lodestar / Homesick


When you think of cities that are meccas for footwork and jungle, Calgary’s not usually the first place that springs to mind, but HomeSick’s working on changing that.

Shaun Lodestar has always had a taste for the energetic side of dance. A producer since his early teens, the Calgary-based musician first developed a love for Jungle, then its more frenetic cousin Footwork. October 2015 HomeSick was selected to be a participant at the Red Bull
Music Academy hosted in Paris, France where he was mentored by some of the worlds most prestigious artists and producers in the dance music realm.

2014 saw the conception of the club night “PERCOLATE” originally based in Calgary, now finding homes in Toronto and Vancouver. Connecting the east, west and central regions of Canada into one cohesive hustle.




Marc Royal / T.Power

T Power

Born and raised in the concrete jungle of East London, England, Marc Royal (a.k.a. T.Power) is best known for his unconventional approach to the composition and production of electronic music.  Since 1992, Royal has left a long-lasting imprint on the evolution of electronic music in the UK and is touted as one of the pioneers of  “experimental” or “progressive” soundscapes within the genre.  Over the last twenty-four years, Royal’s work has produced over 200 releases on various international recording labels and five top-100 singles on the UK Singles Charts, including the breakthrough track,“Shake Ur Body” (co-written and co-produced with Shy FX), which reached #7 in 2002.  A self-proclaimed “studio rat”, Royal has, on rare occasion, been coaxed out of seclusion to headline numerous shows in the UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US, and has performed at a number of music festivals across the world, including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival in 2006 with former collaborator, Shy FX.

Surrounded by the stark, grey elevations of East London's Tower Hamlets, Royal found solace in two things as a youth: music and an insatiable curiosity for deconstruction - the former led to his chosen career path, the latter provided the solid foundation for his approach to sound design and music composition.  Despite his deep appreciation for music, Royal never felt the urge to pick up a musical instrument, let alone learn to play one.  In fact, it wasn’t until his early teens, when Royal was introduced to electronic music, that his love for listening to music became a quest to understand the processes involved in creating the very sounds that had captured his undivided attention.  The synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers of the early 1980s became the choice instruments of experimentation and the deconstruction of drum loops harvested from a collection of James Brown vinyls provided the principle components of his first true analysis.  Using a ZX Spectrum and a simple drum machine interface, Royal began exploring the creation of electronic music by importing tape-recorded sounds into a drum machine via basic computer coding.  It was during these initial days of experimentation that Royal discovered the creative platform from which he could explore the possibilities of electronic sound design that would later characterize the bulk of his work.

In his early twenties, Royal was working as a full-time graphic designer, but his newfound passion for creating electronic music eventually led him to make the most significant decision of his life. Royal left his job as a graphic designer and decided to pursue a career in music with one objective in mind: make your mark within five years or walk away from music altogether.  Within a year, Royal formed the breakbeat hardcore group, Bass Selective (along with Nigel Samuel, Paul Clarke, and Richard Hay) and signed his first record deal.  Bass Selective’s track, “Blow Out Part II” - considered by many as one of electronic music’s most memorable anthems - was released on DJ Only Records, a sub-label of Sound Of The Underground Records (S.O.U.R.) in 1992 as part of “The Expansions EP”.  A year later, the group disbanded and Royal emerged with the recording alias, T.Power, and a new record contract as a solo artist under S.O.U.R.

Within five years, Royal’s bold and progressive style was turning the heads of highly esteemed music industry veterans.  Royal’s potential as a bonafide electronic music composer and producer became more evident with the release of “Mutant Jazz” in 1994, which was co-written with Nigel Samuel (a former member of Bass Selective, a.k.a. MK-Ultra). Considered today as one of the genre’s absolute classics, “Mutant Jazz” helped stretch and redefine the parameters of electronic music, as well as that of S.O.U.R, which had been branded as a strictly “ragga jungle” record label.
In 1995, Royal’s first personal album, “The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind”, earned him critical acclaim and a promising review by Neil Strauss of The New York Times: “The sounds on this lush, innovative CD are so well-chosen, sequenced and placed by T Power’s mastermind, Marc Royal, that in addition to fusing the electronic dance-music styles of the moment -- intelligent techno, jungle, ambient -- he manages to transcend them.”  The album, which was written and produced in only four days, has since gained recognition as a pioneering release that pushed the boundaries of drum and bass even further.  That same year, Royal also launched his short-lived own imprint, Deep Thought Records, recording under a new alias, Atomic Dog, which saw the release of three singles.
A year later, Royal decided to take a sabbatical from drum and bass with the release of his second album, “Waveform”, in 1996 under Anti Static Recordings in the UK, followed by its 1997 debut in Japan by Avex Trax, and again in 1998 by Airbag Records in the US.  The album was engineered by Cris Stevens, with whom Royal had worked with on a number of previous projects, including Bass Selective’s first release under S.O.U.R.  During this time, Royal and Stevens joined creative forces to form the group, Chocolate Weasel, which resulted in the release of “Spaghettification” and “Music for Body Lockers” - both under the UK-based independent record label, Ninja Tune.  In 1999, Royal reemerged as T.Power, experimenting with nubreaks under Bochit and Scarper - a breakbeat label established by Vini Medley and Martin Love, the founders of pioneering Jungle record label S.O.U.R.

In the aftermath of his initial album successes, it was clear that Royal had made the mark he intended to within the first five years of his illustrious and prolific recording career.  As a follow-up to the whirlwind of album releases, collaborations, and intermittent tour dates, Royal returned to drum and bass in 2001 with a string of releases as a result of his collaboration with Andre Williams (a.k.a. Shy FX), which later led to the success of their highly credible drum and bass single, “Shake Ur Body” (featuring the vocalist, Di).  Released on EMI’s subsidiary, Positiva, the single received widespread support from both club and commercial DJs before climbing to #7 on the UK Singles Chart, and has been credited for introducing drum and bass to wider, mainstream audiences.  The drum and bass duo released “Set It Off” on Pete Tong’s F.F.R.R. in 2002 and “Diary of a Digital Soundboy” under Digital Soundboy Recordings in 2005 before parting ways to pursue separate endeavours.

With over a decade’s worth of work under his belt, Royal decided to take a much-needed sabbatical to focus on refining his craft and is currently exploring new processes that delve into a more organic, introspective, and humanized approach to sound design and music composition.  Inspired by the patterns and forms found in nature, Royal aspires to inject music into said patterns and forms to create “living pieces of music”.  To do so, Royal draws inspiration and knowledge from a number of disciplines, including quantum physics, astronomy, mathematics, and sacred geometry, to name a few. 
In 2014, Royal’s decade-long inquiry produced “The Lazy Nine” - the debut album written and produced under his own name, Marc Royal, and his own label, Adastra Recordings.  The album presents a notable departure from the top-down approach utilized during his earlier years as a composer and producer.  To date, “The Lazy Nine” album is what Royal considers to be his most fulfilling musical endeavour yet.  When asked what fuels his passion for music twenty-four years into his career, Royal replies, “I want to try and compose something that’s never been heard before. I’m not sure if that’s even possible anymore, but I have to try ... because for me, the journey and the process is ultimately more important than the end goal.”  And so it seems that Royal’s early love for music and relentless curiosity for learning new things has never left him.

Steven Julien / Funkineven


  Funkineven (Steven Julien) is no stranger to groove. Over the past few years, the London native has grown to become one of the UK's finest electronic musicians; a skilled and soulful technician whether perched behind a pair of decks or a sequencer.

Born and raised in West London with Grenadian blood, his first rhythmical dabblings came as a dancer. Beginning as an MC and beatmaker, he quickly found his feet moulding smooth cuts of his own. Artists from A Tribe Called Quest through to Jaco Pastorius became regular reference points and those early jams nestled somewhere between house, soul, boogie and techno.

Steven released his debut EP with Eglo Records back in 2009, which ushered in a more mature chapter. Two years later, he founded Apron Records; an incubator for music-makers putting together honest electronic music like Greg Beato and Shanti Celeste.

Ardalan (Dirtybird) - KEYNOTE SPEAKER


Artist Performance Details:

Ardalan will be giving a keynote speech on Friday November 11th at 8pm at 9910. He will then be performing later that night at 9910

A conference pass will get you entry into his keynote speech, but you must buy a ticket to his show separately on our ticket page.


Range, appeal, and a massive dose of nasty, gritty bass are the three chief weapons every Dirtybird artist has in his or her quiver, but Ardalan seems to be the peak culmination of all those assets in one wieldy point. This young archer has had the incomprehensible luck to fall into crew with his idols, be reared by their best and given some of their most guarded musical secrets, then hoisted to a platform to blare his prodigious beats from places where most creators can only dream of being.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Ardalan possesses a peculiar, fresh perspective on music genesis without even trying. His mixes, remixes and dubs are known for their sass, energy and wickedly wry samples that snap like a wet towel to the face, but his original records are where his efforts shine, like those released with Justin Martin —“Mr. Spock,” a 2010 party anthem charted by Diplo and Jesse Rose, “LEZGO,” charted by Dog Blood (Skrillex and Boyz Noise) and “Function”, the 2015 banger that keeps giving — as well as two of his own EP’s that were released on Dirtybird, “The Yeah / No” and “Thunderdad”. It is no wonder he has been given the nod by everyone, from Papa Dirtybird himself (Claude VonStroke) and A-Trak, to those who are charting his remixes, like Maya Jane Coles, Audiojack, and Riva Starr.

The greatest strength in Ardy’s music is his ability to whip out hits that work equally well from the dankest basements to the most opulent dance-floors; sounds that satisfy those with diverse tastes who can unite under his single agenda of having a good time. 

Isis Graham / ESETTE

Isis Graham001.jpg

For the past 20 years house music artist Esette (Isis Graham) has played an instrumental role in shaping Calgary’s dance music landscape into the internationally recognized hotspot that it is today.

Her 30-plus releases have received support from artists like Maceo Plex, Fred Everything, Giom, Luke McKeehan, Animal Trainer, Vanilla Ace, Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, DJ Heather, DOZA, and Pezzner.

As a DJ she’s been invited to play notable festivals like Bass Coast, WMC, Decibel, and ADE.

These accolades, combined with her work as co-owner of Calgary-based Substation Recordings, have made Esette a name synonymous with cultural growth, a force constantly driving artists around her to push forward.

Graham first began throwing raves in 1997, witnessing the height of Calgary’s renegade party scene with events that drew as many as 1600 people. In 1999 she began DJing, and after local bylaws brought about the end of raves the following year she brought her Chicago-influenced house tracks to some of the most notable venues of the last decade, appearing at now-legendary spots like the Embassy, Cherry Lounge, Manhattans, and the Night Gallery.

In 2003 Graham was invited to become a founding member of Girls On Decks, a group dedicated to increasing the visibility of women in dance music through podcasts and hosting events. Together with the other members, Graham showed her ability to incite critical change by giving numerous women DJs a platform to be heard.

Over the ten years that followed Graham continued to develop her catalogue as a producer with a string of releases on Tycho Records, collaborations with Vancouver’s Neighbour, and her 2012 album In The Garden.

Then in late 2013 Graham became a co-owner of the newly relaunched Substation Recordings, a label dedicated to showcasing the avant-garde of western Canadian house and techno. Since forming the label, four of her releases have charted internationally, with 2015’s You single reaching 35 on Beatport’s September top 100 Electronica chart.

To see Esette is to witness a catalyst, one of the forces behind Calgary being named by Beatport as one of the cities to rule dance music. Her journey thus far has been propelled by her ability to maintain a uniqueness in her music while harkening back to some of dance music’s most classic sounds.

When it comes to house music, Esette is what innovation looks like.

Arlen Cormack / PK Sound

Arlen Cormack, PK Sound

Arlen Cormack, Sr. Vice President of Touring and Production, for PK Sound, has over 15 years of technical experience in live sound, production and stage management, and operations. The company’s first full-time employee and one of its founders, Arlen leads international touring sales and manages all aspects of PK’s production department. His background includes extensive international concert touring, working with the Banff Television Festival/Next Media Conference as Operations Manager, project managing and curating for the High Performance Rodeo, and managing Convention Services for Hyatt Hotels. Arlen spearheaded the start-up of PK’s first international subsidiary, PK Sound Inc., in the San Francisco Bay Area. There he managed PK’s corporate expansion into the American production market for four years as PKSF’s President and Managing Operator. He has been instrumental in the implementation of PK’s sound specialist training program, is an expert in large-format pro audio system design, and consults internally on all PK loudspeaker development and product field applications.