Arlen Cormack / PK Sound

Arlen Cormack, PK Sound

Arlen Cormack, Sr. Vice President of Touring and Production, for PK Sound, has over 15 years of technical experience in live sound, production and stage management, and operations. The company’s first full-time employee and one of its founders, Arlen leads international touring sales and manages all aspects of PK’s production department. His background includes extensive international concert touring, working with the Banff Television Festival/Next Media Conference as Operations Manager, project managing and curating for the High Performance Rodeo, and managing Convention Services for Hyatt Hotels. Arlen spearheaded the start-up of PK’s first international subsidiary, PK Sound Inc., in the San Francisco Bay Area. There he managed PK’s corporate expansion into the American production market for four years as PKSF’s President and Managing Operator. He has been instrumental in the implementation of PK’s sound specialist training program, is an expert in large-format pro audio system design, and consults internally on all PK loudspeaker development and product field applications.