Matt Carter / KILLMIDI

Matt began creating electronic music in his teens using impulse tracker on a 486 PC. Frustrated by the inability to program complex modulation, he soon moved to Jeskola Buzz, a modular synthesisis\tracker program that had a cult following in europes demoscene.  It was here that Matt first engaged in the community aspect of of electronic music.  He was heavily involved in the buzzchurch forums and #buzz on IRC, weighing in on the development of new buzz and the development of audiotrack features.  When buzzchurch eventually met its demise Matt started engaging electronic musicians IRL.  Moving to Edmonton in 2012 he began attending the Edmonton electronic music producers meetup.  Then in 2015 after moving to Lethbridge he decided to form his own group with the local electronic music producers holding weekly meetings at inferno nightclub.  It was here that Matt began testing and practising his fledgling live act, composing a great portion of it in the club itself.  Today Matt seeks to unify electronic musicians across Alberta in order to cultivate a stronger scene and establish the province as an international force in electronic music.