Michael Loh / iConnectivity

Michael Loh

Michael Loh is the Founder and CTO of iConnectivity, a hardware development company that makes innovative interfaces for the music industry. iConnectivity has over the past five years built a solid brand in the music industry known for uncompromising quality and having superior connectivity solutions.

Michael graduated with a BSc. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Engineering from the University of Calgary in 1992. He had a brief stint of making data conversion software before his first full time job in a gas instrumentation company. Then in 1994, Michael was offered a position at Bell Northern Research, designing and developing wireless communications systems and cellular communications. Living through the BNR transition to Northern Telecom and finally Nortel, Michael was a member of the team that brought CDMA to North America in Nortel’s successful cellular infrastructure products.

Wanting a further challenge, Michael departed Nortel to join MCK Communications. In early 2003, Michael helped build Wireless Dynamics Inc. In 2009, after Apple announced the ability to connect external hardware to iPhones, Michael launched out on his own to create iKingdom Corp. Initially, iKingdom Corp. was going to create interface devices for the energy sector, allowing the iPhone to be used with various data processing units used in industry. However, when Michael first started working on his business plan, he discovered extensive opportunities in products connecting to the iPhone device. The first product was a MIDI interface – and thus the birth of iConnectivity, a Music Industry company.