With just over a month to go until AEMCON 2017 arrives, we've excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Metapop to bring you the official AEMCON remix competition! One of our headliners, Nomine, has offered kindly up his bass heavy weapon, “Grimy Tribe” for remixing. The UK bass producer has previously released quality tracks on respected dubstep labels like Tempa, Sentry and his own signature underground imprint Nomine Sound. Now here’s your chance to show him what you can do and get discovered in the process! 

“I enjoy the pace of 140BPM music," he said. "It allows for more space, groove and dynamics. This culture has also shown that there doesn’t need to be so many rules and restrictions for artists which opens up creative flow and keeps things interesting.” 

Submissions will be reviewed and selected by Nomine himself. Good luck to everyone who competes! 
Ps - if you're looking for inspiration, check out Nomine's new online school -

How To Enter

  1. Download the Remix Stems for "Grimy Tribe" from Metapop
  2. Make a remix of the tune using your DAW of choice. All genres are welcome! 
  3. Submit your finished track using the Metapop platform

The Prize Package

Enter your remix by October 27, 2017 for a chance to win our exclusive grand prize ($1,500+ value) including: -

  • 1 ticket to the Alberta Electronic Music Conference, Nov. 16-19, Calgary, Alberta, Canada ($175) 
  • Komplete Ultimate 11 ($1199) 
  • A Native Instruments store voucher ($200)
  • One-year LANDR Pro subscription ($299)
  • Official commercial release on MetaPop to Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport and more

About The Meta Pop Release

The winning remix will be released on the Metapop label. The label contract is split as following: 70% of income generated goes to the original rights holder (Nomine), 15% goes to the remixer and 15% goes to MetaPop. Metapop does not own exclusive release rights to the track, so additional release opportunities are available. If Nomine decides to release the remixes on another label then he will establish a split with the remixer at that time.

Learn About Nomine

Nomine Tempah.jpg

There's astonishing depth contained within Nomine's music. His releases to date have displayed a vast breadth of ideas and an intrinsic ear for space and sound design. His sound is an immediately distinctive sound: echo-drenched melodies thatdrift like a distant brass chorus, sub-bass as soft and powerful as an ocean current, and turbulent, continually shifting percussion. These traits are put to the service of deep and driving dubstep tracks, rooted in UK soundsystem culture and rave history, which explode outwards to swallow dancefloors whole.

However, he stresses, dubstep's structures provide only one possible framework to contain a much wider range of musical interests. "Anything pure is good and exciting for me," he says. "I have always kept a reasonable distance from the politics and rules of genres. I dip in and out to see what is going on, and then do my own thing. This is important for me, as I don’t want to get blinded or confused with what I want to do as a composer. My inspiration could quite easily come from an avant-garde/music concretè composition by Pierre Schaeffer, as could it from old Horsepower, dub, drum & bass, house or techno records, and everything in between."

Comparatively little is known about the shadowy producer's origins, but he has a long history within electronic music - he reveals that he used to play music on Rinse FM back in the late 90s, and is a student and lecturer of advanced music technology. "I am fascinated with taking sounds and transforming them into something far beyond their original form, creating new, previously non-existent sounds and unique virtual instruments," he reflects, and it's certainly possible to hear those interests expressing themselves in 'Searching' and 'Nomine's Sound' for Tempa. Both are beguiling combinations of organic and synthetic sounds, never quite settling on any form, their aquatic reverberations evoking images of future cities drowned beneath the waves. Nomine's tracks first found their way into the world during a guest mix from Amit on Youngsta's Rinse FM show, before growing outwards from there and being supported by the likes of Giles Peterson, J:Kenzo, Plastician, Toddla T, Annie Mac and Nihal.

"I like the pace of 140bpm music," he says of writing dubstep tracks. "It allows for more space, groove and dynamics. This culture has also shown that there doesn’t need to be so many rules and restrictions for artists, which opens up creative flow and keeps things interesting." Indeed, with a growing number of fellow artists equally concerned with intricate grooves and carefully sculpted dancefloor dynamics - such as scene figurehead Youngsta, J:Kenzo, Amit Icicle and VIVEK - Nomine is poised among a generation of dubstep and experimental electronic producers reclaiming the style from mainstream club restrictions, and turning it once again into a vehicle for potent exploration. Words by Tempa (2013)