We Need Your Support To Add A New Electronic Category To The Junos

Calling All Alberta Producers & DJs

We've been working with a small group of musicians and professionals in Toronto to lobby the Juno awards to get them to add a new category that would honour underground electronic music.

We’re looking for members of our community who actively work as producers/promoters and DJs, to provide a letter of support on this matter! The text of the form letter (below) that we have prepared to get support for this spells out the situation succinctly.

Here is a sample of the form letter: 

I am a Canadian (musician, booking agent, event promoter) working in the field of electronic music.  I am writing in support for a new category for the JUNO Awards to reward the “Electronic Music Single of the Year”. 

30 years in music is a very long time, and since its introduction as a category at the JUNOs in 1990, Dance music has evolved into several styles, with several different kinds of artists making it, including many pop artists. With many of these pop artists submitting entries for ‘Dance Recording of the Year’ the category is now too broad and no longer representative of what is really happening on the ground in the Canadian electronic music industry. The Dance Recording of the Year category has become a category mainly for the more pop-based dance music styles. As electronic dance music has evolved, many of the more underground styles such as House, Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, etc. and their own sub-genres, have gone largely unrecognized in the current category.

Download the letter template here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ulcd6rko8xoih2q/Juno%20Awards%20-%20New%20Category%20Support%20Letter%20.docx?dl=0

If this text works for you, could you cut and paste this on to your letterhead, amend as you see fit and send us a PDF copy to our email: info@albertaelectronicmusic.com

Let's show the JUNOS that our music matters!

Deadline: Feb 15. 

Please pass along to anyone in your community that you think would like to help!