Our Position On the Proposed Edmonton Rave Moratorium

*UPDATE June 7th, 2018* - Edmonton City Council has voted against the proposal in favour of creating an industry-city working group to discuss the issue and suggest solutions. Congratulations to all those who debated the council and raised support for the opposition movement.


Statement: June 5th, 2018
We're very concerned about the proposed "moratorium on rave" and you should be too! To read the policy, please consult the City Of Edmonton's proposed agenda item for the Community and Public Services Committee

This policy was sprung on Edmonton's electronic music community on Thursday, May 31st with no consultation or discussion with the primary stakeholders. It's a one size-fits-all policy that treats all electronic music events, regardless of the size, the same. Even though it appears to target only the larger events, its intentionally vague wording means that all event promoters and attendees should be very concerned.

Even worse, the proposed ban will do nothing to address the underlying issues with drug incidents. Banning events will not solve the fentanyl crisis, it'll drive it even further underground and away from vital harm reduction services.

We encourage the City of Edmonton to collaborate with the promoters of these events and with harm reduction experts to come up with a workable harm reduction strategy that INCLUDES all parties.

We encourage promoters of all events to publicize and share all the many ways they are working on making their events safe for patrons. If you're looking for help to develop a harm reduction strategy for your event, we recommend Indigo Harm Reduction Services in Edmonton or Calgary PartySafe

We encourage all Edmontonians to respectfully reach out to their city councillors to let them know what you think of this ban. Together we can let them know that electronic music is a vital part of our communities.

If you wish to contact us about our position, please email info@albertaelectronicmusic.com