Announcement: The Winner of the Girls on Decks Scholarship

Girl on Decks Scholarship

Girls on Decks and AEMCON are happy to announce the winner of the Girls on Deck scholarship. With over 50 applications, our judges were blown away by the enthusiasm and quality of applicants. We'd like to thank all those that applied and the judges would like to commend you on your efforts and contributions to Alberta's electronic music community. We encourage all that applied to attend the conference this year and apply to the scholarship again for next year's conference. 

Our Winner: Elle M

Elle is a songwriter, producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Edmonton, AB. After years of living and working in Montreal and getting acquainted with the electronic music scene in Quebec, she returned westward and has been recreating her music community here in Alberta. She teaches at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music and is active in the Edmonton Media Hive, a volunteer-led organization dedicated to creating access to music and other creative technologies. She's been an Ableton user for several years and is currently developing her instrumental and electronic projects for live performance. 



For anyone who has questions regarding the contest, please email 

Elle Miciak