Get To Know AEMCON Speaker Maylee Todd

Maylee Todd is a multimedia artist, consultant, musician and curator based in Toronto. She will be joining us at AEMCON to share her knowledge in several workshops and panels including How to Build a Multimedia Show using Ableton Live, DIY Feminist Resistance Panel, and From the Studio to the Stage: Performing Live Panel.

We caught up with her before she arrives at AEMCON to learn a bit about her process, what inspires her, and any advice that she has for new producers.

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“If you want to inspire people, feel challenged, and grow... take risks!”

Maylee Todd

What projects are you currently working on, that you’re the most excited about? 

Right now I'm working on an album, a VR video game with Occupied VR, and developing a new concept for a show.

You are working in so many different mediums and genres, how do you decide which projects to do and which ones to skip?

Usually deadlines and people that are a part of the project create accountability. For example, if I have a show coming up I may need new projections to fit the show's concept. 

Who is the most inspiring electronic artist in Canada right now?

Right now I'm really inspired by Kyvita. He makes everything on the fly, it's tasteful, has good textures and makes experimental beats.

You have a DIY electronic music space in Toronto. What does the future of venues and creative spaces in Toronto look like?

I'm not sure, to be honest. There seems to be fewer and fewer. But like everything in life, things come and go, evolve, adapt etc... My place may not sustain for too long. But I'm happy and grateful I have it presently.

It does look like Toronto is prioritizing creative spaces these days like Launchpad, The Artscapes, 187, the market, etc... 

You spend a lot of time educating others in various musical and career subjects. What do producers need to know before they take one of your courses?

I say in every class, especially when learning new software or an instrument; "It doesn't have to be good, it just has to be done. Take action."

I see many folks paralyzed by fear; [they feel like] it's not good enough and they're too much in their own head, so they don't take action. It's good to be critical, and intentional with how you want to showcase your artistry, but before that, you must learn the technical. The technical involves being practical. Practical means taking action.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

In Canada, specifically to the commercial industry, I'd say take more risks. I've seen so many talented people, with unique ideas and concepts, leave this country to get exposure because they haven't gotten a break [here]. These same people are [now] hosting the galas, award shows, etc. We are a little slow on this side of the border. This is just my opinion.

If you want to inspire people, feel challenged, and grow... take risks!

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