3 Reasons To Get Involved


3 Reasons To Get Involved

Whether you are coming to AEMCON as a veteran producer, DJ, enthusiast or general fan of the electronic music scene, volunteering can help you better connect with your community and get you involved in our conference at the ground level. Here are three reasons why volunteering is always a good choice: 

Make real connections 

There is a sense of ownership and belonging that comes with volunteering. Instead of simply being an observer at our event, you become an active participant - a part of our community. This sense of ownership & belonging can help you get out of your shell, and that’s where the magic happens. It gives you a chance to form genuine relationships, that can have a lasting impact on your life. You could meet your new best friend, future business partners, or artistic collaborators. It can spark real positive change in your life.

Photo: Max Foley (@maxhfoley)

Photo: Max Foley (@maxhfoley)

Learn new skills 

Volunteering is a serious career booster! It helps you create a positive impression, makes you more innovative & creative, and gives you a range of useful skills. If you're new to this industry, it is a fantastic way to break into the market. You will get to see how things work behind the scenes, and learn valuable skills in event production. 

Plus, volunteering looks really good on a resume!

Photo: Braiden Schmidt (@braidenks)

Photo: Braiden Schmidt (@braidenks)

Get inspired

AEMCON is an inspiring event, full stop. For five days, some of the most influential electronic music artists in Western Canada will gather to cover a wide variety of topics. It’s almost impossible not to leave feeling charged up. Volunteering can take that inspiration to an even higher level. Volunteering can shake up your routine. It can put you in job roles and social circles that you may not have previously experienced. You might come up with new ideas on how to improve your community, or you could discover a new skill set that sparks a new life calling. 

Photo: Leigh-Anne Hazard (@miss.hazard)

Photo: Leigh-Anne Hazard (@miss.hazard)

Ways to get involved:

Join Our Volunteer Team

Our volunteers are the true MVPs! It takes a village to make this event run smoothly, and we'd love your help. We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Administration / Volunteer Coordination - checking guests in, assembling goodie bags, helping guests with directions, supporting the volunteer coordinator, etc.

  • Speaker/Artist Drivers - picking up and dropping off artists at the Calgary Airport / Hotel / Venue, must have own car and clean driving record.

  • Room Managers / Helpers - Reset each room after each presentation and support the next presenter’s set-up, work with audio techs to resolve any issues.

  • Trade Show Load-In / Clean Up Crew - Assist vendors in loading in and taking out their gear and products to the National Music Centre, answer guest questions.

  • Bartenders - Must have Pro-Serve for this position.

  • Merchandise Booth - in charge of tracking, organizing and selling merchandise during the conference.

  • Runners - handles odd-jobs as directed by the AEMCON staff, access to a car is an asset.

  • Venue Aids - handles door entry, setting up the venue, providing information to guests.

Volunteers receive a full conference pass for their time commitment.

Volunteers applications will be reviewed in September

Photo: Joffery Middleton-Hope (Jofferyphoto.com)

Photo: Joffery Middleton-Hope (Jofferyphoto.com)

Join Our Photo & Video Team

We're looking for photographers, videographers, and other forms of media to help capture the activities and excitement at AEMCON 2019. This is such an inspiring event to take part in. There are so many opportunities here for mentorship, and professional connections that will likely lead to paid work.

In exchange for helping us capture content, all media team members receive a free pass to AEMCON ($189.99 value).

Media Team applications will be reviewed in September & October