What's going on at AEMCON? Friday Edition

Your AEMCON Update for Friday

Friday's here and before we dive into the main chunk of programming and workshops at the National Music Centre, we've got a great line-up of shows for you. All shows are subject to capacity limits so if you don't want to miss an act, make sure you head to the show early!

Pass Pick-up at Beat Drop.

Swing by Beat Drop any time from 3pm to 11pm to pick up your wristband! We're having an official mixer at Beat Drop at 7pm so swing by then and meet the other conference goers. 

Remember, you need your wrist-band to get into any of the night shows.

Join us for a private mixer for pass-holders, performers, speakers, and sponsors! Meet your fellow conference-goers and have a few drinks at Beat Drop before checking out our entertainment for the evening.

If you're just coming into town, you'll be able to pick up your conference pass and badge right from Beat Drop.

FRIDAY: Our Shuttle from Hotel Arts to Beat Drop

Need a way to get to the mixer on Friday? Sign-up for our free shuttle: the incredible Bass Bus!

Sign-up for 6:30 - From Hotel Arts to Beat Drop
Sign-up for 7:30 - From Hotel Arts to Beat Drop
Sign-up for 9:30 - From Beat Drop to Hotel Arts
Sign-up for 10:30 - From Beat Drop to Hotel Arts

Featured Artists

Foreign Beggars, Young Nino & C-Sik - The Hifi Club

Shael, Mollyfi, Miss Hazard, & Dr. Dance - Broken City

Luke McKeehan, Jon Delerious, Matt Caine, Dunmore Park, & JHNN - Habitat

Spectrasoul Nomine

SpectraSoul, Obscene, Strange Manner, Kimet, Swayze - Nite Owl Upstairs

Nomine, Melo.Nade, Wolf Camo, Sanctuary, Moonchild, MC Loki -Nite Owl Downstairs

Parking & LRT

For those of you wondering about the parking situation at Studio Bell / National Music Centre, parking is $2.50 in the city parking lot near the NMC on the weekend, It's $5-8 per day in the Indigo/Impark lots on Saturday/Sunday. There are no free parking lots on Saturday but street parking is free in the surrounding area on Sundays.

If you are taking public transit (LRT), the City Hall LRT Station is the closest station and is only two blocks away from the National Music Centre.

Conference Pass-holder Pick-up Info

Conference Pass-holder Pick-up Info

Learn where you can pick-up your conference pass this week!

Can't make the whole weekend? Get a Sunday Day-Pass for $79

Can't make the whole weekend? Get a Sunday Day-Pass for $79

Can't make it for the whole weekend? Want to just check out our Sunday content? Grab a super cheap Sunday pass. 

The Winners of the AEMCON Remix Competition

The Winners of the AEMCON Remix Competition

Listen to the winners of the 2017 AEMCON remix competition

Friday Nov 17 - AEMCON Meet & Greet at Beat Drop


Just-in-time to kick off our main conference days, we'll be hosting a private mixer for pass-holders, performers, speakers, and sponsors!

If you're just coming into town, you'll be able to pick up your conference pass and badge right from Beat Drop.

NOTE: this mixer is not open to the public, only pass-holders, artists, and those associated with the conference can attend.

Mixer time: 7pm - 10:30pm
Beat Drop Address: 2nd floor, 1120 17 Ave SW, Calgary

Sponsored by Ticketfly and Steam Whistle

FACTOR 1-on-1s: A special opportunity for AEMCON pass-holders

FACTOR 1-on-1s: A special opportunity for AEMCON pass-holders

A special opportunity for conference pass holders to learn about what FACTOR Canada can do for their careers

"Synchronization is the new A&R" - Meet Kristen Agee, one of AEMCON's featured panelists

Kristen Agee-411 Music Group_horizontal.png

As part of our daytime programing, we’re excited to be hosting 411 Music Group CEO Kristen Agee. As a lifelong musician who shifted into the business side of music about five years ago – starting her own company in 2012 and growing it that same year – Agee’s story is a case study in how it’s possible to make a living from doing what you love. We sat down for a quick chat with her in advance of her attendance at the Conference in November.

Alberta Electronic Music: Hi Kristen. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Kristen Agee: I grew up in Oklahoma first got involved with music when I took up classical violin. I played in orchestras my entire life, and when I turned 18 I moved to LA. On my last day of high school, I just packed everything up and didn’t look back.

When I got to LA, I got into writing music full-time, I went to audio engineering school and learned about gear, and I started recording punk bands in a studio that I built in Silver Lake. At the same time, I was touring and played in a few bands. Then I shifted gears and started focusing on writing for film and TV.

AEM: How did 411 come to be?

KA: I kept finding people who were better than me – better at classical composition and orchestration, DJing, production – and so I just started working with all these different teams.

I was always very entrepreneurial and I always had that in my brain, as a kid, that I would run my own thing. It's still lifelong arts, I'm still producing – I just oversee everything on a bigger scale, as opposed to being in the studio – which I miss, to be honest.

AEM: What was it like, transitioning from an artist or creator's role to a more executive one?

KA: It had its faults! I didn't have any direction going into this. I just did it. I've just been figuring it out as I go. I was lucky to have good creative people around me.

There were definitely discouraging moments – like, what am I doing? – but on the other side of that, I kept pressing forward. Compare what I know now to what I knew 5 years ago, and it's just insanely different. It’s constantly evolving.

The bigger we get, the more pressure I feel. Our composers, artists, clients and such – we're trying to do the best work that we can.

Kristen 6.jpg

AEM: Why do artists need to understand the work you do?

KA: Oh my god, it's huge. Understanding what you need to make your music heard – to get it into the ears of the people through commercials, video games and such – is so important.

Synchronization is the new A&R – it's what gets people excited now. Whenever you get your song onto the end credits of a primetime show, or as a bumper for a network – that can launch you into a new space as an artist. Many people don't understand it – it's a very important part of the industry.

And what advice do you have for artists who want to make a living from their work?

The people we work with consistently, they get it. It's the people who are new to this industry who are the most apprehensive. I'd encourage everyone to get familiar with the business side of it, to maximize your monetary growth from your craft.

Fear is a big part of it. Like, "what if this becomes the next big hit? This company owns it forever." The odds of that happening are pretty slim. If you hang onto something that's great, and never do anything with it, then it'll never have a chance to become great in the public eye. Don't hold onto things, and just put them out there.

Thanks, Kristen.

Kristen will be present at AEMCON as part of our panel on the business of music and publishing. Check out our full suite of daytime programming here.