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An Audiophile Experience presented by Red Bull & Emm Labs Inc

Join us on the second floor of the Alt Hotel in Calgary East Village for AEMCON's first Audiophile Experience!

EMM Labs Inc. has spent the last 20 years providing top of the line components to the audiophile community seeking perfection in their listening experiences. Designed and manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, EMM Labs components are critically acclaimed and regarded as state of the art in performance and design, and we’re very happy to present our very first local demonstration in collaboration with Red Bull & AEMCON.

On November 16th, 2019, we will be offering a day-long listening experience at the ALT Hotel (East Village), demonstrating the pinnacle of analog and digital music playback available today.

This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and we encourage all attendees to bring their favourite records or digital files on USB sticks so that you can hear the difference. We will also be playing a selection of seminal electronic music all day long.

We aim to make the space as comfortable as possible so that you can stay as long as you please to learn, listen, and ask questions. This is a very rare experience to hear your favourite music in a different light and we're excited to host you.

Many thanks to our partners for providing amazing equipment to make this possible:

Equipment List:
EMM Labs Inc. // Meitner Design Electronics

Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 Speakers

Shunyata Research Cabling

SME Model 15 Turntable

DS Audio Optical Cartridge

Please visit for more information.