Music Hacking With Vespers

How to Write Catchy & Unique Music Without Suffering Through Mind-Numbing Theory. A Music Production Workshop with Vespers

Learn the song writing hacks that’ll help you write BETTER music FASTER.  

  • Hack your workflow: What to do in what order for the best results
  • Write in ANY key without memorizing scales, sharps & flats
  • 2 power scales that simplify writing amazing bass lines 
  • 3 secret “wrong notes” to add interest & variation to your melodies
  • 5 melody writing techniques for memorable & catchy melodies 
  • Write EPIC chord progressions that seamlessly melt together 
  • Beef up your chords to make them more complex
  • Pro tips to loop or resolve your chord progressions
  • The “drum hack” that’ll give you interesting & unique drums every time